Standing Committees of the Academic Senate

The Senate has six standing committees appointed by the Senate. Besides Chairs, who may vote, they have equal numbers of additional voting members from each college’s faculty and any nonvoting members whom the Senate may wish to include for their expert advice. Appointments are for two years, with no limit on reappointment. Each standing committee shall meet at least once every semester. The Senate may establish other, Ad Hoc Committees to serve for long or short durations and report to the Senate on subjects specified in their charge.

Committees elect their own chairs subject to the approval of the Senate. All regular series faculty members from any of the colleges (as Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor) are eligible for membership in a Senate Committee.

Faculty can only be members of one Senate Committee, with the exception of the Academic Senate, Academic Appointments and Promotions, and the Academic Rights, Privileges, and Grievances Senate committees.  Each committee will comprise of 5 primary members and 5 alternate members. Only the primary member can cast a vote if both are present during a committee meeting. Every member of the faculty has the right to be heard by any standing Committee.

All standing committees report to the Senate President and to the Senate. Confidential matters related to the Academic Rights, Privileges and Grievances Committee and to the Academic Appointments and Promotions Committee will be reported only to the  Senate President (the Senate President at his/her discretion may share reports from the Academic Rights, Privileges and Grievances Committee and from the Academic Appointments and Promotions Committee with the  Senate as needed). Each standing committee shall submit an annual report of its activities to the Senate. All Senate approved recommendations are subject to the Provost, President, and Board of Trustees’ approval before implementation.  Absent a vote to proceed in secret lest the University or some individual suffer harm, each Committee shall also keep a record of its proceedings and make it available to any interested Senate member. 

Standing Committees of the Academic Senate: