CDU Student Emergency Bridge Disbursement Process

Student Emergency Bridge Fund Application

The CDU Student Emergency Bridge Fund is an initiative of the CDU Academic Senate and COM Faculty Executive Board.  It is intended to help students who qualify for financial aid at CDU with short-term, interest free loans.  As the fund grows, it will eventually include disbursement of small stipends to students that do not need to be paid back.

The CDU faculty’s goal is to help students who need funds for books, supplies, food, etc., at the beginning of a semester but will not receive a disbursement of financial aid funds until 4-6 weeks after the semester begins, due to current CDU policy.  

Funds will be available to all students who qualify for financial aid and whose aid has been finalized, outside of the Physician Assistant (PA) program.  The process for receiving loans from the Bridge Fund is outlined below.

  1. Student fills out an online application form made available by CDU Financial Aid for a Bridge Fund loan and submits the form to Financial Aid.
  2. (3 business days later) Financial Aid determines that the student qualifies for a loan from the Bridge Fund because his/her financial aid has been finalized (this is the sole qualification criterion for eligible non-PA students)
  3. (7 days after loan approval) A $250 or $500 loan check is issued to the student.
  4. (7 days after loan approval) A $250 or $500 fee to cover repayment of the Bridge Fund loan is placed on the student’s account.
  5. (6 weeks after the beginning of the semester) Financial Aid is disbursed to the student and the Bridge Fund short-term loan is repaid, along with the standard tuition/fees assigned to the student.


Student Emergency Bridge Fund Application