Welcome to the Academic Senate

The Academic Senate of the Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science is hereby constituted to give the University's governing faculty an effective voice in academic policies and in the oversight of their execution in order to advance research in medicine and allied sciences, to train successive generations of leaders in those fields, and to protect and enhance the wellbeing of people living in underserved communities of Los Angeles and of the world.

See the CDU Academic Senate Constitution and Bylaws for more details.

Message from the President Omolola Ogunyemi, PhD

Omolola OgunyemiA university is distinguished from an instructional college or a research institute by its focus on both teaching and research. Achieving success as a university requires the cooperation of faculty, staff, and administrators – this means working together for the benefit of the institution and its students. Students are the lifeblood of a university and faculty members are instrumental in shaping their experience.  

Faculty at CDU play a vital role in ensuring that the goals of the university are met: creating the curricula for different majors; providing excellent teaching to students in the classroom, in research labs, in clinics and in the community; and conducting cutting-edge research that pushes the boundaries of current knowledge and illuminates the causes of and solutions for health disparities.

As Academic Senate President my goal is to work tirelessly to ensure that faculty are able to do their work with minimum distraction and bureaucracy in an environment that fosters respect and provides support and a clear vision for the future. I plan to listen to the concerns of faculty and open a dialogue with the administration to make certain that those concerns are heard and acted upon.  To achieve shared governance, a dialogue is necessary and sometimes compromises must be made, but the overall goal should be to push the university towards excellence and leave behind an institution that future faculty and students are proud to call their own.  Administrators come and go, students come and go, and faculty come and go, but if we all do our part well, the university should endure.  I hope to do my best to make CDU an institution that understands the value of its faculty and treats them with respect, and to promote the good work done by CDU faculty within California and beyond.


Academic Senate
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