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CDU Student Emergency Bridge Fund Overview

The Student Emergency Bridge Fund is an initiative of the CDU Academic Senate and Faculty Executive Board that is intended to help students who qualify for financial aid at CDU and need funds right at the beginning of a semester, but will not receive a disbursement of financial aid funds until roughly one month after a semester begins, due to current CDU policy.

Initially, bridge funds will be disbursed to students as micro-loans of about $250 - $500.  These funds can be used to purchase books, supplies for courses, or other essential student needs at the beginning of the semester.  Loans from the fund will be expected to be repaid by recipients after financial aid awards are disbursed, so that the Student Emergency Bridge Fund is available for use by future students.

The Academic Senate and FEB have raised over $10,000 and will continue to raise funds in order to be able to meet two stretch goals:
Stretch goal 1.    The ability to provide a few larger loans that can cover more expensive needs such as one month’s rent.
Stretch goal 2.    The ability to provide small stipends that are not intended to be repaid to students who may need them.

As of January 6, 2020, fundraising stands at $10,496.

The Academic Senate will work with Financial Aid, Finance, the Office of the Provost and the Office of Strategic Advancement to disburse funds to qualified students.  We will also work with the CDU Student government to assess the impact of the Fund and make improvements as necessary.  The process for applying for and receiving Bridge Fund disbursements is intended to be as painless as possible for eligible students.

Eligibility for loans from the Bridge Fund:
CDU Students who are identified by Financial Aid as having a potential need, using the Cost of Attendance Expected Family Contribution information from FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). [Note: Since CDU is currently running a pilot to assess beginning of semester disbursement of financial aid for Physician Assistant (PA) students, PA students are ineligible for the current bridge fund effort.]