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CDU Student Emergency Fund Overview

The Student Emergency Fund is an initiative of the CDU Academic Senate (AS) and the Faculty Executive Board (FEB).  The fund is intended to help CDU students with one-time emergency grants.  The goal is to provide for an acute financial need that might otherwise result in their having to drop out or suspend their educational journey. We envision funds being used to alleviate a crisis in housing, food insecurity, or other, unexpected, and immediate needs.

The funds will be disbursed to students as one-time grants of up to $1,000.  The grants will not be required to be paid back.  However, the expectation is that once students are able, they will donate either the full amount or other amount back into the fund, so that the Student Emergency Fund is continually available for use by future CDU students.  Donations can be made here:

The Academic Senate, FEB, Mission Maker, and individual donations have raised over $30,000 and will continue to raise funds in order to meet two stretch goals:

  • Stretch goal 1: The ability to provide a few larger grants that can cover more expensive needs such as one month’s rent.
  • Stretch goal 2: Possibly future scholarships.

As of December 1, 2020, fundraising stands at $32,769.

The Academic Senate will work with the CDU Student government to assess the impact of the Fund and make improvements as necessary.  The process for applying for and receiving Emergency Fund disbursements is intended to be as painless as possible for ALL students.

Eligibility for grants from the Student Emergency Fund:

  • CDU Students who are identified by the Academic Senate as having an emergency need.