Academic Senate Faculty Travel Award

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Purpose: To establish an award mechanism that enables CDU faculty members to engage in professional development activities that can positively impact their career development goals. The Academic Senate Travel Award will disburse approximately $5,000 per year for faculty travel. Awards may be used to ameliorate or completely cover the cost of attending a conference, workshop, or other career development event.

Number of awards per year: Approximately 3-5 per year

Start date: Fall 2019

Supported activities: Any career development activity that promotes or helps to further a faculty member’s career goals, such as:

  • Improving teaching skills
  • Networking
  • Mentoring or advising skill training
  • Development of knowledge or skills that would promote additional/novel areas of research funding.  Examples: Training workshop on new technology/equipment; attending a conference in an area outside a faculty member’s usual research conferences to spur new research directions, such as a diabetes conference for a cancer researcher
  • Other developmental skills that could benefit a faculty member or help fulfil the university’s mission

Not covered by award: The award is intended to fund only those activities that cannot be funded using existing:

  • monies from an applicant’s research grants,
  • university Research Center grant travel allocations, or,
  • travel funds such as those maintained by CDU’s Urban Health Institute.

Mechanism for awarding and disbursement: Faculty members interested in attending a qualifying event will apply via an online form on the Academic Senate website. Applications will be evaluated and funds disbursed throughout the year as long as there are funds available. Applications will be evaluated by Academic Senate Faculty Affairs Committee members and reported back to the Senate for approval within 1 month. Award funds will be distributed by the Academic Senate from its annual budget using a travel line item created solely for the purpose of this award. Faculty will be reimbursed for qualifying expenses up to the award amount with proper documentation, which should be submitted to the Academic Senate Program Manager.

Expectations: This award is expected to benefit a faculty’s development goals in a meaningful way. It is encouraged that faculty awardees will disseminate development information to other faculty within their College, School, or department or in a seminar/lecture at CDU. In this way all faculty can benefit from each other’s developmental experiences.

Application Submission: Completed Faculty Travel Award applications should be submitted to the Academic Senate through  Upon receipt, the application will be logged and forwarded to the Academic Senate Faculty Affairs Committee for review.  Faculty will be informed of the outcome (approval/rejection) of the committee’s review in writing within one month of submission.

Application form