Academic Senate Officers

The Academic Senate of Charles R. Drew University (CDU) is the representative, deliberative, and legislative body of the CDU faculties.  The CDU Senate has a maximum of four Senators from each CDU college or school (two elected each year for a two-year term).  It also includes the current President, the immediate Past President and the chairs of the faculty associations of each college or school.

The Senate may legislate on any matter within its legislative authority. The Senate may also express opinions, concerns, and recommendations to the Administration, the Trustees, the wider University community, and the general public.

( See the CDU Academic Senate Constitution and Bylaws for more details. )

Academic Senate Membership

Lola Ogunyemi, PhD, President
Associate Professor
Dept. of Preventive and Social Medicine, COM
Director, Center for Biomedical Informatics

Thomas Magee, PhD, Vice President
Associate Professor
Dept. of Health and Life Sciences, COSH

Immediate Past President

David Martins, MD, MS (non-voting)
Associate Professor
Director, Clinical and Translational Research Center
Acting Director, Physician Assistant Program, COSH
Chair, Dept. of Preventive and Social Medicine, COM

COSH Senators

Jorge Artaza, MS, PhD Associate Professor, Step III Dept. of Health & Life Sciences and PA Program

Harold Abramowitz, MFA
Assistant Professor
Division of General Studies

Dee Fleming, MPH, MS
Dept. of Urban Public Health

Victor Chaban, PhD, MS
Dept. of Health and Life Sciences, COSH
Dept. of Internal Medicine, COM

COM Senators

Jacqueline Lezine-Hanna, MD
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Surgery

Arthur Fleming, MD
Professor Emeritus
Dept. of Surgery

Eva McGhee, Ph.D., M.S., FCOD
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Internal Medicine

Sheba George, PhD
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Preventive and Social Medicine

SON Senators

Ma Recanita Jhocson, MSN, NP-C, BSN, RN, LNC,
Director, FNP program
Assistant Professor

Sharon Cobb, PhD, MSN, PHN, RN
Assistant Professor
RN-BSN Program

Ana Cortez, MSN, CNRC, RN

Ex-Officios/ Faculty Association Chairs

Eleby Washington, MD
Professor and Chairman
Dept. of Surgery
Chair, Faculty Executive Board, COM

Sondos Islam, PhD, MPH, MS
Associate Professor and Director
Urban Public Health Programs, COSH
Chair, Academic Program Review Committee (APRC)

Mariles Rosario, MSN, NP-C, RN
Assistant FNP Program Director
Assistant Professor, SON

Faculty Trustee to the BOT

Mohsen Bazargan. PhD (non-voting)
Dept. of Family Medicine, COM


Robert Garcia, JD
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Preventive and Social Medicine, COM