Programs and Assessment

The Committee on Programs and Assessment guides the implementation of policies that facilitate effective program, college, and university-wide student learning outcomes assessment. The committee's charter includes: (i) monitoring national standards in student learning outcomes assessment, (ii) ensuring that program and college level assessment plans are tied to university-wide student learning goals, (iii) making recommendations for revisions to program, college, or university-wide assessment plans based on the university's strategic and academic plans, (iv) making recommendations for improvements to the university's infrastructure in order to support effective student learning and appropriate standardized student learning assessment, and (v) review and make recommendations for new program curriculum and proposals. The committee also reviews and recommends legislation to the Council on the establishment, revision, and rescission of admissions, financial aid, curriculum changes, and degree requirements of departments, colleges, and programs of instruction.

2017-2019 MEMBERSHIP
Magda Shaheen, Chair
Victor Chaban, Vice Chair
Shahrzad Bazargan
Shanika Boyce
Monica Ferrini
Candice Goldstein
Ma Recanita Jhocson
Glenda Lindsey
Mariles Rosario