Ad Hoc Budget, Finance, and Development

The Senate Committee on Budget, Finance, and Development helps the CDU administration develop the annual budget of the University, reviews it before submission to the Board of Trustees, and does the same for any later modifications. The committee also studies and makes recommendations on problems and prospects of private and public funding and on ways to mobilize and coordinate the participation of faculty members in helping to procure funding.

Committee Membership 2019 – 2021

Sheba George, PhD, Chair
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Preventive and Social Medicine, COM



Eva McGhee, PhD, MS, FCOD, Vice Chair  
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Internal Medicine, COM


Danielle Campbell, MPH
Dept. of Preventive and Social Medicine, COM

Ma Recanita Jhocson, MSN, NP-C, BSN, RN, LNC,
Director, FNP program
Assistant Professor

Enrico A. Rodrigo, PhD
Associate Professor
Department General Studies, COSH

  Elizabeth Baskerville, Non-Voting
Chief Financial Officer

Alexander Amon Rodgers, MD, MPH
Clinical Assistant Professor
Dept. of Family Medicine, COM