Class of 2022

Soraya Boumediene, MD, MPH

Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA
Interests: Traveling has always been a passion of mine. I have learned the more you see, the less you really know. My goal is to visit every country on the glove, and hope to join Doctors Without Borders in my professional career. I grew up on the beaches of California, and love spending time near/in/on the water.  In the Pacific Northwest, I’ve enjoyed exploring coastlines and trails with my dog, Atticus.  I am also a commissioned designed for a local jewelry company, and have been training in French cooking/ baking.

John Joseph Corletto, MD

Hometown: Santa Fe Springs CA
My medical area of interest are Sports Medicine, HIV/Aids and OB/GYN
Interests: I am an avid gamer and I enjoy American history, soccer, running and spending time with family and friends.
I chose medicine because of my parent’s selfless dedication to me and my brothers. They taught me to be humble and give back to my community.
I am interested in a fellowship in either Sports Medicine or OB/GYN and I also look forward to serving with country in the US Army after residency.

Felisha Eugenio, Doctor of Medicine

Hometown: Cerritos, CA
My medical area of interest are Global health, minority health disparities, patient advocacy and health policy, social justice.
Interests: I love singing, cooking and trying new restaurants, traveling, and watching Lakers basketball
My mom is a pediatrician, and growing up I was inspired by the way she not only cared for patients in the clinical setting, but also used her platform to advocate for policies that affect medically-disadvantaged populations. In college, I also developed an interest in global health. I knew that a career in medicine would allow me to combine and carry out these passions.
I want to practice primary care and improve healthy equity in underserved communities, and to continue working in global health and development.

Jesse Gomez, MD, MPH 

Hometown: Lynwood, CA
Interests: I enjoy active outdoor activities in the company of my German Shepherd and my lovely wife.

Issareekorn Glaewketgarn, MD

Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand
My medical area of interest are Pediatrics, women's health, maternal and child health, preventative medicine, global health
Interests: I love to dance (hip hop, shuffling), attend concerts/ musicals, visit museums, exploring new restaurants and dessert shops, cooking, and traveling.
Medicine combines my love of the sciences and service. I wanted to pursue a career that is worthwhile and is impactful to the community. I also enjoy hearing patients' stories from all walks of life and develop a relationship with them.
I hope to be able to practice broad-spectrum family medicine and to provide continuing and comprehensive health care to patients of all ages. I hope to continue to work and advocate for patients in underserved communities. It would also be ideal to be able to travel and practice medicine in other needed countries. Aside from my career goals, I hope to have a family, and at least one dog. 

Lesly Martinez, MD, MPH

Hometown: Jesus Maria, PER
Interests: I love to do Zumba, dance salsa and swing, sing Shakira songs, practice belly dancing, listen to self-help audiobooks, hike, watch scary movies and spend time with family and friends.

IIan Hao, MD

Hometown: Vancouver, CAN
Interests: While you won’t find me in a gym very often, I enjoy staying healthy and active. I recently picked up tennis again after an 8 year hiatus.  I especially enjoy leisurely hikes on breezy or windy days when the temperature sits rights around 70F.  I am also a fan of an occasional game of chess and the board game Settlers of Catan.

Won Seok Shin, MD

Hometown: Seoul, Korea
My medical interests include integrative medicine, geriatrics, sports medicine, and nutrition.
Interests: Outside of medicine, I enjoy outdoor activities and exploring nature with friends and family.
The person that inspired me the most was my grandmother who passed away from the Alzheimer’s Disease.  Toward the end of her life, my family and I were her caregiver, and I initially thought about going into research to help find cures. I later turned my attention to helping underserved immigrant communities that had difficulty with access to healthcare. Prior to going to medical school, I also served as a combat medic in the Korean Army. All of these experiences have shaped my life to pursue medicine. 
After residency, I may consider pursuing fellowship. After that, I would like to work in underserved settings, get involved in academics (as a community preceptor or guest lecturer), or be involved in international medical mission programs.