Study Abroad Programs

CDU offers students the opportunity to travel to different nations with the mission to provide service and educational experiences abroad.  The Office of International Affairs is committed to support international study abroad programs and encourage students to analyze social determinants of health and explore methods to positively effect health outcomes. 

CDU established an international health program in 1979 based in the Department of Community Medicine to initially focus on relations with medical centers and teaching institutions in African countries. In more recent decades, CDU has well-established and long-term partnerships with PEPFAR and the US Department of Defense to establish HIV/AIDS prevention programs for research, training, outreach and technical assistance with militaries in Angola, Rwanda, Jamaica and Belize.
CDU promotes academic exchange, field experience and health service delivery abroad for students and faculty, per the CDU Advantage: Global-International Experience which culminates into leadership, advocacy and activism. We embrace the fact that our diverse faculty members have active research, training and information exchange with counterparts in their home countries all over the world including Egypt, Iran, Ethiopia, Mexico, China, Bangladesh and India and cover areas such as biomedical research, bioinformatics, public health, nursing and medical training.

CDU is an active member of the HBCU Global Health and Development Consortium (includes the four HBCU medical schools in the US) and our faculty are currently engaged in a collaborative project in Zambia to improve health service delivery for women and girls impacted by HIV/AIDS.

CDU has linkages with institutions in various countries which facilitate learning abroad such as the following travel that was completed in 2018: In partnership with the National School of Public Health of Cuba our MPH students and faculty recently completed a study abroad trip to Havana. CDU also has a relationship with the Centro Evangelico de Medicina do Lubango (CEML hospital) in Angola and recently completed a global health mission trip with Family Nurse Practitioner students and faculty. In partnership with Healing Hearts Across Borders, Masters in Biomedical Sciences students participate in a border clinic in Mexico within the Topics in Urban and Global Medicine course. In previous years, nursing student mission trips also occurred in the Philippines (2017) and Ghana (2014). 

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In April 2018, Centro Evangelico de Medicina do Lubango (CEML) received a team of nine representatives from the Los Angeles-based Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science (CDU). On a short-term visit, this well-educated team brought to CEML and Angola a passion for learning about the healthcare challenges in Africa and an equal passion to impart their medical knowledge to the CEML staff. The nursing team (led by Dr. Lejeune Lockett, Faculty and Director, Office of International Affairs and Dr. Ebere Ume, Faculty and Associate Dean of School of Nursing) was tasked to integrate this visit experience into their masters-level nursing studies at CDU. Our on-course Nurse Practitioners were involved in leading daily medical seminars with the CEML nursing staff and joining clinical rounds with the doctors. The group also provided much needed clinical support at a mother-baby clinic in a remote rural health outpost in Angola. The CDU Family Nurse Practitioner students greatly benefitted from the opportunity to apply their medical knowledge, deliver quality care in resource challenged conditions, and learn about health care delivery systems in a developing country context. Our 14-day journey laid the foundation for continual exchange and partnership between CEML and CDU for future health mission trips to Angola.   

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CDU students travel to the Cuba in order to study the Cuban Health Care System Model. CDU students gain real word health care experiences in a country with one of the best Health Care Systems in the world.

Twelve students from the MPH program were in Cuba for nearly two weeks in April for an international course on "Public Health in Cuba" at Escuela Nacional de Salud Pública, or the National School of Public Health. Studnts learned about the Cuban health care system, as well as various topics and areas of concern regarding public health in Cuba. The students who participated in this international experience will be hosting a Cuba Report-Back Conference and open forum about their findings in Cuba on May 17th and May 18th. International courses such as these show the commitment of CDU students to supporting global-international experiences as outlined by the university's learning outcomes.
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CDU students travel to Tijuana, Mexico with the Healing Hearts Across Border Organization to assist with providing free medical care to those in need. Students are able learn and assist in the diagnosis and treatment of different medical diseases by shadowing healthcare professionals who participate on the trip. Students gain international health care and public health experiences which they can utilize to have a better understating of the global health issues that persist in our world today.

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