Faculty Resources and Training Opportunities

Dear Campus Administrator,

As a 20-Minute Mentor Commons subscriber, your entire campus has on-demand access to a library of Magna’s 20-Minute Mentor programs. To maximize your subscription, we encourage you to promote these programs to faculty and staff at your institution.

Here’s an idea for getting academic staff to view seminars—ask faculty and staff to watch a 20-Minute Mentor on their own—when and where it’s convenient for them! You could even give them an incentive for doing so. By sharing the topical programs in Mentor Commons, you’ll give faculty and staff the opportunity to learn about some topical areas at their own pace.

Suggested Mentors
From forming effective assessments, evaluations, departments, and programs, quality is of the utmost importance in higher ed. Below are some programs related to quality:

Be sure to share links to these programs with faculty and staff! We’ve also put together a complete list of all the programs available in Mentor Commons, sorted by category, with direct links to each one: http://www.magnapubs.com/pdfs/20-minute-mentor-commons-programs.pdf. Share this list with faculty and staff. All you need to do is copy and paste the link to the programs in an email (with your institution’s access instructions) and send it to members of your campus community.

Do you have an idea to share?
We want to know how you use your subscription! If you have any additional ideas that would help you market 20-Minute Mentor Commons to faculty and staff, please submit them to our editor at CommonsEditor@magnapubs.com . We will take the best ideas we receive from campus administrators and pass them along to you for consideration and implementation.

If you have any questions about your 20-Minute Mentor Commons subscription or need assistance, please let me know. You can also contact our Customer Service staff at support@magnapubs.com or by calling 800-433-0499, ext. 2.


Office of Faculty Development and Assessment