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As a unit within the Office of Provost, the Office of Faculty Development and Assessment (OFDA) facilitates CDU faculty learning to improve professional abilities in practicing outstanding education, research, and services and improves a centralized academic assessment system.

OFDA Mission, Vision, and Values


OFDA Mission

The CDU Office Faculty Development and Assessment (OFDA) mission is to support CDU excellence through two functional foci as follows:

  1. the faculty professional development in practicing evidence-based instruction for student success and conducting scholarship projects of outstanding education, research, and services promoting faculty academic advancement; and
  2. the quality assurance of the CDU centralized academic assessment system.

OFDA Vision

  1. Our diverse faculty members can carry over the intention to enhance professional capacity in lifelong learning, determination, responsibility, and contribution inclusively and collaboratively in accomplishing the CDU educational endeavor to cultivate current and future leaders committed to serving underserved community health.
  2. Stakeholders of CDU academic affairs strive for optimal use of the centralized assessment system for continuous improvement of academic quality.

OFDA Values

We honor CDU academic culture that welcomes and fosters CDU faculty individuals and teams to pursue continuous learning for improving professional capacity and to conduct scholarship projects to serve CDU student success and community advancement aligned with the CDU mission.

We respect data-driven reflection and quality improvement endeavors.

Strategic System Model

CDU System Model for Faculty Development & Recognition

CDU OFDA's intentional efforts highlight as follows:

  1. provide various opportunities for learning and competence development.
  2. promote individuals and teams of faculty members to determine to engage in the scholarship goal projects.
  3. coach and support the accomplishment processes of scholarship goal projects determined.

Through the related services of academic affairs, we aim that individuals and teams of CDU faculty members can:

  1.  accomplish the scholarship goal projects.
  2.  present the progressive work at various campus opportunities, including the annual celebration of peer-reviewed Faculty-Led Creativity and Innovation (FCI) that recognizes an FCI level status (CDU Innovation Pursuer, Planner, Implementer, Demonstrator, and Disseminator.
  3. strengthen the evidence ofexcellence such as the peer-reviewed FCI certification that can integrate into faculty dossiers, annual reflection for discussing advancement plans.
  4. contribute to strengthen the CDU-mission-driven educational quality and to disseminate the progressive achievements.

2021 Achievements

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2020 Achievements