CDU Faculty Development and Assessment (FDA)
Strategic Plan (Working document)

About Us
The purpose of the CDU-OFDA is to facilitate continuous improvements in the academic culture by providing a cross-campus, centralized platform for supporting faculty learning and teaching. The office encourages the professional interchange of teaching, research, and assessment ideas, and provides information, expertise, and resources on curricular practices.

OFDA Statement of Philosophy

We believe that faculty are life-time learners and as such they continue to improve their work over a lifespan of their careers, in a community of learners. With the same token, their classrooms will become more inclusive and learner-centered, and responsive to the internal and external changing circumstances.

OFDA Mission Statement 
The central mission of the CDU-OFDA is to develop and enable CDU faculty in delivering high quality teaching, research, service that is informed by evidence-based pedagogical and disciplinary knowledge, and ultimately cultivate leaders dedicated to CDUs mission, values, and institutional learning objectives.

OFDA Vision
Cultivation of integrated system-wide approaches to learning, teaching, and academic assessment.
OFDA premises

  • Faculty professional development involves cultivating transferable knowledge, skills, and leadership to promote effectiveness in the learning environments.
  • Faculty Development serves as a support tool to help faculty integrate interdisciplinary knowledge and assessment skills with pedagogical practices that transform student learning experiences.
  • Faculty and student assessment are integral components of the learning experience.
  • Building learning and learning skills that facilitates deliberate attention to preparing health professionals who can meet the needs of underserved populations is significant to the CDU mission.
  • The nature of CDU faculty development and assessment programming can enhance student learning, course and college retention, academic outcomes, progress toward timely graduation, and professional success beyond the academic environment.

OFDA Goals
The overall goal is to promote overall faculty excellence and well-being and to facilitate superior and timely responses to changing external and internal circumstances and priorities. More specifically, through collaboration with various institutional units and programming to achieve the following specific goals:

  1. Provide leadership and support for innovation pedagogy in teaching and teaching effectiveness
  2. Provide leadership and support for continuous assessment practices that profile the CDU Advantage
  3. Support scholarship that extends the knowledge and practice in these arenas
  4. Support CDU faculty in creating rich, collaborative learning environments to enhance student learning experience and academic outcomes.

OFDA Strategies

  • Provide academic boot camp where participants across disciplines in the university will achieve the most efficient and effective learning for themselves and their students
  • Expose faculty to various evidence-based clinical teaching methodologies
  • Create Faculty Learning Communities on the Scholarship of learning and Teaching
  • Implement Faculty Peer Teaching Observations
  • Assist faculty in assessing their instructional practice and using the assessment to refine their teaching approaches
  • Organize Teaching with Technology Symposium
  • Provide writing workshops
  • Provide mentoring workshops
  • Offer and list, regional, and national faculty development and assessment conferences
  • Support visiting scholar/faculty exchange opportunities
  • Embrace sabbatical opportunities

OFDA Expected Outcomes

  • Increase in satisfaction and retention of faculty
  • Increase in teaching competencies
  • Increase in engagement of faculty in innovative teaching
  • Increase in students’ engagement
  • Increase in students’ success
  • Improvement in students’ learning outcomes
  • Increase in students’ satisfaction

OFDA Annual Report
OFDA will use the assessment of expected outcome to:

  1. Provide evidence of teaching effectiveness
  2. Provide evidence of teaching improvement
  3. Develop/revise new faculty development goal(s), aim(s), and strategies

An annual report of OFDA activities, assessments, and outcomes will be prepared for the provost office. This report will contribute to developing/revising OFAD goal(s), aim(s), and strategies for the next academic year.