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DPSDeborah Prothrow-Stith, MD 

As the Interim Provost and Dean, College of Medicine, of Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science (CDU), I am delighted to welcome you to Academic Affairs section of the University website. The website is our window to the world revealing the University's vision, mission, values, and providing important information to all our current and potential stakeholders.

The central mission of the Academic Affairs is to translate the University's mission into vibrant, enduring, and rich educational and co-curricular experiences for all our students, faculty, and staff. To do this, we are organized into three colleges and schools: College of Medicine, College of Science and Health, and Mervyn M. Dymally School of Nursing.

These colleges and school are the custodians, promoters, and implementers of the CDU Advantage, which represents the University's promise to the world. The CDU Advantage distinguishes the University from all its peers and competing institutions . The CDU Advantage defines an educational experience, which culminates into LEADERSHIP, ADVOCACY, and ACTIVISM. At CDU, our students will become the best health professionals there are, but on top of that their education will prepare them to become leaders who are dedicated to transforming the world of medicine-following after the footsteps of Dr. Charles R. Drew-the pioneer in blood transfusion science. CDU education prepares our students to become advocates for the underserved populations-becoming the voice of the voiceless and the downtrodden. CDU education prepares our students to become activists against social injustice and health disparities as required by the mission of the University.

THE STUDENTS WE ATTRACT. CDU is a unique University that attracts a particular set of students. These are individuals who aspire to become health professionals or aspire for advanced degrees as health professionals; who embrace cultural diversity as a relevant force that shapes human wellness; who dare to envision a world without health disparities and are inspired to make it happen; who hear and respond to the calling to serve the underserved and the disadvantaged; who desire a small school environment where staff and faculty will know them personally; and who seek to live a life of scholarship in the fields of medicine and health science. Prospective students with these traits will not only find CDU a home, but a place where they will grow, flourish, and be prepared for their calling in life.

THE FACULTY WE SEEK. Given the type of students we attract, CDU seeks and cherishes a particular set of faculty. These are individuals with terminal or advanced degrees with years of experience in their chosen fields. While many of them are accomplished health professionals in their own right, ALL are chosen for their commitment to social justice and health equity. The quintessential faculty members of CDU see themselves not only as conveyors of esoteric knowledge to their students, but as nurturers of human minds, prodding and cultivating them to dream the impossible; they see themselves not only as connectors between the current and the future generations, but also as instigators and shapers of the future of human wellness; they see themselves as consummate teachers, making the complex simple and the difficult attainable; they embrace the beauty and power of diversity that shapes human learning experience; they demonstrate excellence with their relentless critiquing of the status quo; they embrace their students not just as novices but as partners in their struggles against health disparities; and they are mentors who exemplify relational pedagogy knowing too well that we all learn better within positive, healthy, affirming, empowering relationships. This type of faculty is the gem of the institution and the talk of their students.

THE INSTITUTION WE ENVISION. As called for by our Strategic Plan, we envision a comprehensive, midsize, research-intensive University of Medicine and Health of excellence. We envision an institution that serves as a beacon of hope for the world in search of excellent health and wellness without borders; a transformative and economic engine for South Los Angeles; an institution of first choice for warriors and aspiring warriors against health disparities; and a battleground for ideas-innovative ideas and solutions to our nagging contemporary healthcare issues. Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science must become an institution of excellence with a reputation as a first class university in its fields. This is the vision that is worthy of our calling and deserving of our devotion.

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