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Marvin O'Quinn

Marvin O'Quinn

Senior Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer

Marvin O'Quinn is Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Dignity Health and is responsible for all operations in all of Dignity Health's markets. He is also responsible for integrated process management and ambulatory operations.

Since he joined Dignity Health (formerly Catholic Healthcare West) in 2009, Mr. O'Quinn's responsibilities and purview have grown substantially. In 2011, Mr. O'Quinn orchestrated an organizational restructuring of operations leadership. This involved the appointment of ten Senior Vice Presidents of Operations, corresponding to Dignity Health's ten service areas - all of whom report directly to Mr. O'Quinn. This has resulted in improved accountability and oversight of the organization's operations.

Mr. O'Quinn directs Dignity Health's Transformational Care initiative, an integrated approach to process improvement that uses Lean tools and techniques. Since Dignity Health began the program in July 2009, the organization has achieved cumulative savings of $160 million. Transformational Care has demonstrated applicability in both financial and quality areas. It has been used to implement programs designed to reduce hospital-acquired pressure ulcers and patient falls. As a result of the initiative, Dignity Health institutions have seen 20% improvements in emergency department throughput, co-pay collections, operating room start times, and accuracy of patient placement. Transformational Care has been applied to more than 70 different process areas across all Dignity Health facilities.

Additionally, Mr. O'Quinn is responsible for Clinical Operations Improvement, a new initiative that applies many of the Transformational Care tools to engage medical staff to reduce costs and improve care quality for Medicare patients. In the first eight months of the program, it achieved $25 million in cost savings.

Prior to joining Dignity Health, Mr. O'Quinn served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Jackson Health System in Miami, Florida. Before assuming this role at Jackson Health System in 2003, Mr. O'Quinn served as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Atlantic Health System in Florham Park, New Jersey, and held executive positions with New York Presbyterian Health System, Providence Medical Center, and Providence Milwaukee Hospital in Portland, Oregon. Additionally, he has held key positions with other hospital and medical centers in Portland, Fresno, and Seattle.

Mr. O'Quinn received his bachelor's degree in biology and master's degree in health administration from the University of Washington.