Frequently Asked Questions For CDU Students

1) Question: I am ill and unable to attend my class scheduled on campus or clinical site.

2) Question: I received a red “badge” after completing my CDU health screening and I am scheduled to go to campus.

  • DO NOT come to campus.
  • Follow the process outlined in question 1.

3) Question: I received a red “badge” after completing my CDU health screening because I answered the questions incorrectly. I am not experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and I am scheduled to go to campus or clinical.

  • Retake the Daily Health Screening by clicking on the link here.
  • Proceed per your program schedule.

4) Question: I am a “front line” essential worker and I am in daily contact with COVID-19 patients. How do I get cleared to come to campus for my in-person scheduled classes? I have: no COVID-19 symptoms, and have not traveled internationally. I followed my work site recommendations for wearing personal protective equipment.

  • Take the Daily CDU Health Screening.
  • If you have proof of a negative COVID-19 test result within the last 14 days and are asymptomatic for COVID-19, you may proceed to campus.

5) Question: Where can I get a COVID-19 test?

  • Weekly testing is available at the CDU campus in front of the COBB building.  Please click here for CDU COVID-19 Testing Schedule
  • You may contact your health care provider or click the link at
  • If outside Los Angeles County, contact your local health department to locate a testing site near you.

6) Question: I accidentally declined my CDU daily health screening survey but I am not ill.

Click on the link here to take your survey.

7) Question: My survey link did not work.

 Click on the link here to take your survey.  If the link does not work, please try another device. 

8) Question: I went to campus today and my temperature was above normal at the temperature screening booth.

A onetime temperature read may not always be a good indicator of illness.

  • Step outside, wait 10 to 15 minutes, then return to your temperature recheck.
  • If green, then proceed with clearance protocol.
  • If red, go to the COVID-19 testing site for a COVID-19 test and return home.  CDU COVID-19 testing schedule is located at CDU COVID-19 Testing Schedule.
  • Contact your healthcare provider if symptoms persist or worsen. Take the daily self-screening each day that you are scheduled to come to campus.

9) Question: I am on home isolation or home quarantine. I have a class scheduled on campus.

  • DO NOT come to campus. 
  • Complete your Daily Health Screening.
  • Continue your home isolation or quarantine period and receive a release order before coming on campus for your scheduled class.
  • Contact your professor or program director and inform them that you are ill.
  • Request assistance from your professor to be able to complete your course requirements.

10) Question: I did my COVID-19 test on the CDU campus. How soon will I get my results?

You will receive an email from Innovative Health Diagnostics a MDTox Lab Service Patient Portal Enrollment and Registration Information within 3 to 4 days with an invite to create a user account and access your lab results.

11) Question: What happens if I get a positive COVID-19 lab result?

  • Do not come to campus.
  • Remain home on home isolation.
  • Contact your primary care provider.
  • Email your Campus Nursing Officer at
  • Contact your professor and program director and let them know you are ill per your usual program guidelines. 

12) Question: Is the campus completely closed?

Effective immediately and consistent with Governor Newsom's "stay at home order" and the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors "safer at home order," both issued the evening of March 20, the CDU Campus is closed. All instruction has been moved to online.

All employees and staff are working remotely. The only exception is essential or critical functions that must be performed, and/or that has the President’s approval. Access to the University from the 118th St. side is closed, and the 118th St. parking lot is closed, however, 118th St. is open to traffic in both directions. All access to the University must be through the 120th St. side.

13) Question: What is the access to the Library?

With the university closed, there is no face -to- face access to the library. The librarians and support staff will respond to queries received by phone or email, the library’s number is (323) 563-4869, and the email address is: In addition, for Blackboard support, please call (323) 563-4866 or send an email to:

There are no poster printing services or on-site AV services while the campus is closed.

14) Question: When will on-campus classes resume?

Our plan is that classes will be online through the end of the Spring semester (May 1, 2020). However, this is a rapidly-changing situation, and we are closely monitoring public health guidelines and announcements.

We will let students know as quickly as we can of any changes to those plans.

15) Question: When on-campus classes resume, how much warning will we have for those who need to arrange travel?

As noted above, online delivery is scheduled to last through the end of the Spring semester (May 1, 2020).

We will give you as much advance notice as we can, and student travel needs will certainly be considered as part of our decision-making process.

Reminder:  Please continue to follow your program protocol for contacting your professor or program director in the event that you are ill.  Review clinical policies provided by your programs and also refer to your CDU Student Handbook 2020-2021. Review the CDU Return to Campus Plan here.