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Policy Name: Administrative Policy Manual Introduction
RA.Code: HR
IV Code: 300.00001
policy Description: The purpose of the Administrative Policy Manual (APM) is to provide an overview and inform Charles R. Drew (CDU) Administrators of the employment laws, principal rules, regulations, practices, and procedures that are essential to their role in the operati
Manual: HR Administrative Policy Manual
Policy PDF File: APM Introduction.pdf

Policy Name: Work Status
RA.Code: HR
IV Code: 300.00305
policy Description: With the exception of employees holding faculty appointments, all employees of Charles R. Drew University are employed on an "at will" basis.
Manual: HR Administrative Policy Manual
Policy PDF File: 300.00305 Work Status.pdf

Policy Name: Contract Review and Approval
RA.Code: HR
IV Code: 300.00310
policy Description: The Board of Trustees has authorized the President to sign all contracts, agreements and other documents that bind the Charles R. Drew University financially, or otherwise. The President may delegate that authority to specific employees of the University.
Manual: HR Administrative Policy Manual
Policy PDF File: 300.00310 Contract Review and Approval.pdf

Policy Name: Affirmative Action
RA.Code: HR
IV Code: 300.00320
policy Description: Charles R. Drew University is committed to the principles of affirmative action. It is the policy of the University to do all in its power to eliminate unlawful discriminatory employment conditions, either intentional or unintentional, for all applicants
Manual: HR Administrative Policy Manual
Policy PDF File: 300.00320 Affirmative Action.pdf

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