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Policy Name: Finance Policy General
RA.Code: FIN
IV Code: 200.01001
policy Description: The purpose of the Finance Manual is to provide all University employees with direction and guidance in connection with those accounting transactions, procedures, and reports that should be uniform throughout the University. It is also intended to provide
Manual: Finance Policy Manual
Policy PDF File: 01-00-01 Finance Policy General.pdf

Policy Name: Internal Control Policy
RA.Code: FIN
IV Code: 200.02001
policy Description: Internal controls include checks and balances that ensure compliance with applicable regulations. The internal control system intends to safeguard University assets, promotes operational efficiency and effectiveness, improves the accuracy and reliability
Manual: Finance Policy Manual
Policy PDF File: 02-00-01 Internal Control Policy.pdf

Policy Name: Audit Policy
RA.Code: FIN
IV Code: 200.03001
policy Description: Auditing is a basic requirement for financial control. Audits are required by external funding agencies as a safeguard for their funds. The University conducts regular annual audits of financial reports and systems. There are program specific audits condu
Manual: Finance Policy Manual
Policy PDF File: 03-00-01 Audit Policy.pdf

Policy Name: Budget Policy
RA.Code: FIN
IV Code: 200.04001
policy Description: University core operations are reflected in the unrestricted annual operating budget. Restricted budgets are developed at the project, department, or program level. Restricted budgets are dependent on funds. Unrestricted and restricted budgets are approve
Manual: Finance Policy Manual
Policy PDF File: 04-00-01 Budget Policy.pdf

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