MPH Alumni Testimonials

Domina Nyinawinyange

"CDU's MPH was definitely one of the best academic decisions I ever made!"
Domina Nyinawinyange, MPH MPAS, PA-C
Baylor Scott & White Health
Class of 2010

Denishia Clark

"My time at CDU and in the MPH program was truly life changing, opened my eyes so much to the realities and opportunities in health equity and access to care. Thanks again for all your continuous support!"
Denishia Clark, MPH
Program Manager, Experiential Learning and Educational Activities in Global Health, School of Medicine, Stanford University
Class of 2011

La Quana Williams

"I am so very blessed to have been under your leadership and guidance. The work that you all are doing at Drew is completely applicable and is a hot commodity in the public health world today. You all are very much ahead of the curve of where California hopes to be in advocating for health equity and combating health disparities. I could not have gotten the education I received in any other MPH program. Thank you, thank you, thank you!".
La'Quana Williams, MPH
Health Equity Coordinator, Planning, Evaluation and Policy Unit Monterey County Health Department
Class of 2012

Kira Watson

"The CDU Urban MPH Program had a profound impact on me. The program's emphasis on eliminating health disparities and empowering historically underserved groups through education and community mobilization efforts especially resonated with me as a South Los Angeles native. The experience enabled me to identify the type of work I want to do and the communities I would like to target. Most meaningful for me was the opportunity to be groomed by professors who were conscious and committed nurturing a group of future Public Health professionals committed to dismantling health disparities. Their commitment to this task and serving disadvantaged communities was evidenced in their teaching styles and lectures that referenced and focused on relevant and historical local Public Health issues which helped emphasize the importance of public health endeavors tailored for Urban and traditionally underserved communities. Drew's diverse faculty, were genuinely committed to the academic and professional advancement of their students. This was consistently demonstrated through their words and actions, as they held extended office hours, tutoring sessions and went well above their call of duty. The relationships I gained as an MPH student are more like a family than anything. Even as an alumni I know I can look to my faculty and peers for support and inspiration."
Kira Watson, MPH
CAL-EIS Fellow, CDPH-LA County Department of public health, MCAH Programs-Research, Evaluation and Planning Unit
Class of 2013


"Please let the students know how blessed they are to be at CDU's MPH program because they receive a great education that can take them very far. Thank you again for your support and guidance."
Ashanti Carter, MPH
Research Assistant, George Washington University Milken Institute School of Public Health
Class of 2014

Byron Simpson

"After looking at other MPH programs I am glad that I decided to attend Charles R. Drew. I was drawn to the small class size and the cohort style program. The faculty and staff take a personal interest in each individual in the program and encourage and motivate each attendee to be not only the best student but the best person they can be. While subjects like epidemiology, biostatistics and environmental health are common with all MPH programs, the instructors are able to weave in the mission of the MPH program into each class. Obtaining my MPH through Charles R. Drew University and its focus on social justice, health disparities and health equity really impressed upon me the value of service through public health. I am using the values and skills I learned while at Drew to enhance my career. If I am ever asked to recommend a MPH program, I will without hesitation recommend Drew. It was my most enlightening portion of my educational career."
Byron Simpson, MPH,CHES, CPH
Investigator with the California Department of Public Health-Food and Drug Branch
Class of 2014


"My experience in the MPH program was very positive due to the small group setting and great faculty. My MPH degree has helped me in my career goals by allowing me to start a career in academia and enhancing my knowledge in the Public Health sector as a clinician."
Angelina Flores, MPH, MPAS
Class of 2015

Lisa Villanueva

"As a health educator in an underserved community, CDU's MPH program has equipped me with the tools necessary to render positive change in the health behaviors of my students and in turn their community. Staying true to the mission of the MPH program. For an individual who wants to make change in an area where change is needed, I would highly recommend CDU."
Lisa Villanueva, MPH Health Educator, Foshay Learning Center
Class of 2015


"I am proud to be a graduate of the Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science MPH Program. My MPH in Urban Health Disparities has opened doors for me in medicine, public health, and research. There is no other MPH program that offers extensive training and education on health disparities better than CDU. Professors offer endless support to students and I emerge from the program confident and ready to serve my community as a public health professional."
Alexandra Banks, MPH
Class of 2016

Kendra Walker

"For me, one of the most valuable aspects of the program was learning about race/ethnicity and gender and how minority, under-resourced and vulnerable populations disproportionately experience disparities and overall poor health outcomes. I am a proud alumna of this unique program that is offered at a non-profit university, which focuses on providing health and wellness for all. I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to be a part of the best MPH program around. This opportunity has not only shaped my career path, but it has been an inspiration in my personal life as well." Kendra Walker, MPH
Class of 2016

Lisa Steward

"I would recommend this program for those who are extremely passionate about making a difference in any under resourced community/population."
Lisa Steward, MPH
Class of 2016

Lourdes Castro

"Attending the MPH program at Charles Drew University was a life changing experience. I truly cannot recommend the program enough. I felt comfortable and welcomed by everyone at the program. The professors inform students about the reality of health disparities and the consequences these health disparities have in our communities. Students are encouraged to think critically for themselves through different courses including epidemiology, research, and program planning. Students are able to witness public health in real life settings through the practicum experience. I was fortunate to have an excellent practicum experience that helped solidify my goals and passion in life. My knowledge and curiosity grew ten times as much and my perspective has forever changed by the books we read and the discussions we had. The program opened my eyes to the vast need we have to promote and require healthy communities and environments for everyone. I am grateful to have attended such an impactful program."
Lourdes Castro, MPH, MSW Clinical Therapist
Class of 2016


Melanie Baker

"CDU's MPH program is truly dedicated to addressing health disparities and I believe that it has fully prepared me to undertake the health epidemics in South Los Angeles and globally. I have learned so much from the expertise of the faculty and individualized attention. This program has given me the skills to be a productive working professional in the field of public health. I would recommend this program to anybody who is passionate about improving the health and wellness of underserved populations."
Melanie Baker, MPH
Cancer Research Training Award Fellow, National Cancer Institute
Class of 2016

Jasmine Angulo

"The knowledge and morals acquired through the Master's in Public Health (MPH) Program at Charles R. Drew University has significantly changed my life. This program has helped me to unfold the truth behind disparities. I grew up in Compton with very limited opportunities and I have experienced the struggle involved with pulling out and away from situations that would have kept me trapped. Charles R. Drew University has changed my life in so many ways: I found the love of my life, we got married while in the MPH Program, and now we are working with two other graduates of the program to open a nonprofit organization and bring health opportunities to an under-resourced city. The MPH program aides in cultivating diverse public health professional leaders through various channels such as research, knowledge of cultural diversity, community engagement during our practicum projects, and the relationships we have made and will keep with each one of our professors. Without the continuous support from our professors, even after graduating from the program, we would not have been able to achieve our goals or see value in who we are as a health professional, even in the face of adversity."

Jasmine Angulo, MPH
MPH Practicum Coordinator
Class of 2016