MPH Students and Alumni Achievements

  • Rouse, Mechelle (Class of 2016): Abstract "Evaluating the rates of HPV vaccinations in underserved populations as it relates to eliminating health disparities". Poster presented at the Building Bridges to Optimum Health Conference Series: Sexually Transmitted Infection "Did you know? I didn't know" October 9, 2015; L.A., CA.
  • Baker, Melanie (Class of 2016): Abstract "The Elimination of Cancer Health Disparities through the
    acceleration of HPV Vaccination: President's cancer Panel Report on HPV Vaccination".
    Poster presented at the Building Bridges to Optimum Health Conference Series: Sexually Transmitted Infection "Did you know? I didn't know" October 9, 2015; L.A., CA. First prize winner for student poster presentations.
  • La'Quana Williams, MPH (Class of 2012), who currently works for the Monterey County Health Department, presented her abstract "A Local Health Department Approach to Improving Health Equity Practices through Workforce Development" at the APHA Annual Conference in Chicago, October 2015. In addition, she organized the APHA session "Preparing the Public Health Workforce to Advance Health Equity through a Health in All Policies Approach" that brought together representatives from Riverside, Alameda, and Monterey Counties to discuss their efforts in health equity curriculum development for health department employees.
  • Banks, Alexandra (Class of 2016): Abstract "Barriers to Healthcare Post Affordable Care Act in the Community of Wilmington" poster presented at the Inaugural Forum on Population Health Equity, at Harvard University, September 10-11, 2015, Boston, MA.
  • Gerald Bempong (Class of 2015): Abstract "Recruiting Black Men Who Have Sex with Men and Women (BMSMW) in an Urban Setting for HIV Prevention Research" poster presented at at the commemoration of the life and legacy of Booker T. Washington on the 100th anniversary of his death (1915-2015),April, 17, 2015, CDC campus, Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Bazargan M., Yazdanshenas H., Gordon D., Orum G. (2015). "Pain in Community-Dwelling Elderly African Americans." Journal of Aging and Health (in press)
  • Yazdanshenas H., Gordon D., Bazargan M. (2015) "Pain Management among Underserved Aged African Americans". Poster presented at Xavier University Health Disparities Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • Gordon D. (Class of 2015), Yazdanshenas H., Johnson C., Loni L., Bazargan M., Orum G. (2014) "Pain and Pain Medication Use Among Elderly African Americans". Poster presented at the National Institute of Minority Health and Health Disparities Grantee's Conference, Washington D.C., December 2014.
  • Bakari Garvey (Class of 2015): Abstract "Zero to One hundred: Breaking stigma and fostering conversations about HIV among Black Heterosexual Men" poster presented at the 5th International Conference on Stigma, Nov. 21, 2014, Howard University, Washington, DC.
  • Bazargan M., Yazdanshenas H., Gordon D. (2015) "Pain in Community Dwelling Elderly African Americans", presented in the Eighth Health Disparities Conference, Xavier University of Louisiana, College of Pharmacy, New Orleans, LA, March 12-14, 2015.
  • Harlander-Locke M, Jimenez JC, Lawrence PF, Derubertis BG, Rigberg DA, Gelabert HA, Farley SM. "Management of endovenous heat-induced thrombus using a classification system and treatment algorithm following segmental thermal ablation of the small saphenous vein." J Vasc Surg. 2013 Aug;58(2):427-31.
  • Harlander-Locke M. (Class of 2014), Jimenez JC, Lawrence PF, DeRubertis BG, Rigberg DA, Gelabert HA. "Endovenous Ablation with Concomitant Phlebectomy is a Safe and Effective Method of Treatment For Symptomatic Patients with Axial Reflux and Large Incompetent Tributaries".Journal of Vascular Surgery 2013 July; 58(1):166-72.
  • Hai Hoang, (Class of 2013) "The Need to Disaggregate the Asian Population: A Look At California's Vietnamese Population". Paper presented in the Cross-Cultural Health Care Conference III: February, 2013, Honolulu Hawaii. In addition Hai was selected for an internship at the Cancer Research Center at National Cancer Institute (NIH)- Feb-2013
  • Kira Watson and Denny Wisner (Class of 2013), Gail Orum, Hamed Yazdanshenas, Mohsen Barzargan"Satisfaction with Traditional and Mail Order Pharmacy Services among Aged African-Americans". Poster presented in the 140th APHA Annual Meeting, San Francisco, October 2012.
  • Alberto Piña, (Class of 2012) The abstract "Mechanism for Change: Addressing Social and Health Inequities in Rural and Urban Slums" was accepted for a poster presentation at the 10th International Urban Public Health Conference, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, November 1-4, 2011.
  • Nichole A. Nicholas, (Class of 2012) is co-author of "The Development and Evaluation of a Compassion Scale" presented its poster in the 13th RCMI International Symposium on Health Disparities, December 10-13, 2012 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
  • Raniyah Abdus-Samad, (Class 2011) abstract "Mobilizing Civil Society for HIV Prevention in Resource-Poor Contexts within High-Income Nations: Three Case Studies of Black Mobilization in the Southern United States" was accepted for a poster presentation at the International AIDS Conference, Vienna, Austria on 8/2010, and her abstract "The Need for HIV/AIDS Scientific Literacy Programs in Black Communities: Lessons Learned" was accepted for a workshop at the United States Conference on AIDS-National Minority AIDS Council, 10/2010, Orlando, FL.
  • Denishia L. Clark, (Class of 2011) wrote an abstract titled, "Are School-based Health Centers Sustainable in California"? At the 10th Annual International Conference on Health Economics, Management and Policy will be held June 27-30, 2011 in Athens, Greece.
  • Alana Russaw, (Class of 2010) was accepted to Dr. James A. Ferguson Emerging Infectious Diseases Fellowship Program. Ferguson Fellows are engaged for eight weeks in a rigorous program of public health research and/or intervention at the CDC.