Department Student Learning Outcomes

Area I: Written and oral communication, and critical thinking


  • Written Communication
    PSLO 1. Students can write effectively.
  • Oral Communication
    PSLO 2. Students can orally communicate effectively.
  • Critical Thinking
    PSLO 3. Students can think critically to analyze and solve complex problems.

Area II: Natural and behavioral sciences, mathematics, and information literacy


  1. Quantitative Reasoning
    PSLO 4. Students can use quantitative reasoning to analyze and solve problems.
  2. Information Literacy
    PSLO 5. Students can locate, evaluate, and synthesize information.
  3. Sciences
    PSLO 6. Students can recognize and describe scientific concepts and theories.

Area III: Diversity in healthcare, arts and humanities, social sciences and social/civic knowledge


  • Intellectual Perspectives of Diverse Disciplines
    PSLO. 7 Students can contribute to society through the knowledge and application of diverse disciplines, including civic, historical and creative domains, in a real world setting.
  • Cultural Diversity in Healthcare
    PSLO 8. Students can describe and compare diverse cultures and societies, within the context of healthcare.