Application Requirement FAQ

  • What are your USMLE Step 1 and USMLE Step 2 CK minimum score requirements? Is there an attempt limit for either exam?
    Passing Step I and II is required at time of application. No minimum score required.
  • By the time of application, do you need us to be fully ECFMG certified?
    Full ECFMG certification required at time of application
  • Do you have a program application deadline? If yes, what is the cutoff date?
    Please refer to the ERAS- Electronic Residency Application Service for application deadlines and cut off dates.
  • Do you have a Time Since Graduation cut off? If yes, how many years?
    5 year time cut off since graduation from medical school.  
  • Do you sponsor the H1 visa?
    The program cannot currently sponsor the H1 Visa.
  • Do you accept the ECFMG-sponsored J1 visa?
    The program cannot currently accept the ECFMG- sponsored J1 visa.
  • Do you have any specific requirements for Letters of Recommendation?
    3 Letters of Recommendation
  • Do you have any International Medical Graduates?
    We currently have International Medical Graduates in our program who are US citizens.
  • Do we accept visiting residents?
    The program cannot currently accept visiting residents.