Charles R. Drew/UCLA PRIME-LA

The Charles R. Drew/UCLA PRIME-LA program leads to the regular MD with special emphasis on leadership and advocacy to address healthcare disparities in medically underserved populations in California (and the US). The Program in Medical Education (PRIME) is a dual degree program leading to the MD and a master’s degree in an area that complements the mission of the program.

During the first two years PRIME-LA students will complete the DGSOM UCLA core curriculum. Students will also participate in special selective courses during the first and second years. The summer between the first and second years will focus on a project/research related to health disparities and problems with access to care within underserved populations. Students will present their project/research at the DGSOM Poster Day held at the end of the summer.

In the third-year students will participate in clinical clerkships that include Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Surgery, Family Medicine, Psychiatry, Neurology, Obstetrics and Gynecology and Radiology. Clerkships are situated in clinical arenas that particularly address underserved and disadvantaged populations.
During the fourth year students will complete an advanced degree that designs and implements a project related to improving health for the underserved. Advanced degree options include MBA, MPH, and MPP

The fifth year will be within the Urban Underserved College. The "Colleges" at DGSOM further prepare students for residencies and future role as leaders. College activities include seminars, special and specific electives, a research project and an intense advising and mentoring program. Sub-Internship opportunities to enhance career goals are stressed.
Applicants interested in being considered for Charles R. Drew/UCLA PRIME-LA must submit an AMCAS to both Charles R. Drew/UCLA Medical Education Program and DGSOM UCLA PRIME-LA.

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