Charles R. Drew/UCLA Medical Education Program

The Charles R. Drew/UCLA Medical Education Program provides training in the scholarly and humane aspects of medicine and fosters the development of leaders who will advance medical practice and knowledge in underserved areas in the United States and abroad. Students are selected on the strength of their academic record and on the basis of their demonstrated commitment to serving disadvantaged and underserved populations with compassion. Each year, twenty-four students enroll in the four-year community-based medical education program. Our students represent the full range of gender, ethnic, and educational diversity of our society which contributes to the strength of our institution.

The Admissions Committee seeks intelligent, mature and highly motivated candidates who show promise of becoming leaders and innovators in the medical field.  The committee carefully considers personal qualities, including integrity, professionalism and potential to succeed.  Other factors, including academic record, MCAT scores, record of activities and accomplishments, community service, recommendations from premedical committees and science instructors, as well as the ability to overcome personal obstacles are also reviewed by the Admissions Committee. The personal interview is an integral part of the process.

The Charles R. Drew/UCLA Medical Education Program admissions committee is committed to diversity by ensuring adequate representation of women and all minority groups with diverse interests and backgrounds. All applications are given careful consideration without regard to sex, race, age, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or financial status.

Joseph Corrao 
Director for Student Affairs 
Charles R. Drew/UCLA Medical Education Program
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