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January 2013

A Message from Dr. Shay Concerning WASC Accreditation

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

In July 2011 the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) granted CDU full academic accreditation through 2018. The WASC Commission also scheduled an Interim Report in spring 2013, a Special Visit in spring 2014, and a Comprehensive Review for re-accreditation in 2018.  CDU faculty, staff, and students have worked diligently since 2011 to implement the recommendations of the WASC Commission, and the university continues to remain in compliance with accreditation standards.

The Interim Report requested by WASC is due on March 1, 2013 and must focus on the financial status and sustainability of the university. Over the past several months a CDU WASC Team with faculty, student, and staff representation has collaborated with the offices of finance and advancement to draft the Interim Report. Over the next  few weeks the draft is being vetted with various faculty governing bodies and Board of Trustee sub-committees; the full Board will review the draft report in its early February meeting.

In preparation for the Special Visit in 2014, several working groups are being reactivated  to analyze and document the success of the university in responding to three key areas of persistent WASC concern, for CDU as well as most higher education institutions.These areas of concern include: (1) financial sustainability, planning and management; (2) faculty-related policies and governance; and (3) assessment, student success, and program review.  With the focus of the 2013 Interim Report on the financial foundations of the university, and the integral role of comparable working groups leading up to full accreditation in 2011, we are well positioned to continuously improve upon the accreditation status of CDU and our reputation as a high-performing institution of health professions education. 

For more information on the current status and history of our accreditation by WASC see the CDU accreditation website at http://www.cdrewu.edu/about-cdu/wasc. You may also contact the CDU Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO), Dr. William L. Shay at williamshay@cdrewu.edu, about any WASC accreditation matters. He serves under the direction of the CDU Provost as the official conduit for all communication with WASC.

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