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October 2016

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Community Faculty Member Loretta Jones and Daughter Felica Invited to the White House


Imagine the excitement when you open an invitation to the White House. Community Faculty Professor Loretta Jones, who founded Healthy African American Families (HAAFII) and her daughter Felicia Jones, Program Director, made the 3,000 mile trek to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, in Washington DC on October 6. Although the President was away on business, Felica said that they were both excited to be in the White House. As they entered the hallowed halls, it struck them that this meeting was for the privileged few. Neither had been before.

The event was titled “The Opportunity Project White House Demos.” President Barack Obama launched the Opportunity Project in March of 2016 to catalyze the creation of new digital tools that use federal and local data to empower communities with information about critical resources, such as affordable housing, quality schools, and jobs.

Professor Jones was selected to attend the event due to her recent appointment to the National Institutes of Health Precision Medicine Initiative Institutional Review Board.

Professor Jones stated that it was a tremendous honor and privilege, something that she would always remember. Felicia said “It was extremely exciting to be able to experience this trip with my mother who is a civil rights leader, while we have the first African American president still in office during her lifetime. Also, to know my ancestors helped build the building and that we were walking through the halls and sitting in the rooms that they built. “

More information on the Opportunity Project is available at opportunity.census.gov/.


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