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November 2015

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CDU Launches Outdoor Billboard and Bus Tail Media Campaign

Starting late October, CDU launched a media campaign that focused on increasing enrollment and to support our goal to increase enrollment to 1,000 by the year 2020.  Here at CDU, we are so diverse that trying to reach each community through print and radio would be expensive. However, everyone drives the L.A. streets and take public transportation at some point! 

Do you ride the Metro Red or Purple line? If so, be on the lookout for CDU Interior Rail Ads. In the L.A. Area, look for the Bus tails and Shelter ads. Look up and you may see our billboard. When you see one, take a picture, tell us where it is and send it to advancement@cdrewu.edu. Your photos may be used on CDU's Facebook,. Twitter and Instagram social media so feel free to include your selfie with the outdoor ads! You may see this artwork on a billboard, bus tail, bus shelter or rail card in and around the Los Angeles area.

Our Billboard models are Allen Williams, Post BACC, Markesha Ellerson, Post BACC and Kristian Menjivar, MMDSON. (Our COM students got hung up at UCLA and could not make it in time.) We look forward to incorporating the other images into the many projects we produce here at OSA.   We also loved the other images, including the four women on this newsletter's masthead.  They are:  Aubrianne Rose, Valerie Mira, Christina Ung and Doris Agu.  Thank you for being our November CDU News models!


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