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Don't Miss the Library’s Open House April 16 at Noon and from 4:30p.m.-5:30p.m. Here is what you will see!


Don’t Miss the Library’s Open House April 16 at Noon and from 4:30p.m.-5:30p.m. Here is what you will see!


There have been many changes afoot in the Charles R. Drew University Health Sciences Library.  Director Darlene Parker Kelly , who has been at the helm as director, since moving  here from Atlanta in September 2009,attributed  the first jumpstart to the changes to  President David M. Carlisle and Vice President Angela Minniefield who secured the California Wellness Foundation grant for $20,000.  


“We used that money to give a facelift to the library, to purchase more comfortable chairs, new blinds, carpeting and more,” said Ms. Kelly. “When the students returned after Christmas they saw a facelift.  They said they felt pleased someone considered their needs.”


Students use the library 7 days per week and it is open until 9 pm four  days a week as well, 72 hours open in total. Also, the Library offers extended hours until 10:00 p.m., at least 2 weeks prior to final examinations.


But, there are so many more services that infrequent visitors of the library may not be aware of:


SMART Phone Hooks ups:

A multi use plug in station similar to those in airports was installed. Many students were leaving their iPhones, iPads and Androids plugged into wall sockets  setting up possible trips of breakage of these expensive units.


Videoconferencing rooms/Skype

Through the UCLA Telemedicine Grant we now have large monitors in both of our group  study rooms.  Any time you come into the library, students want “collaborative study space,” the new buzz words.  Because of our large screens no one has to squint or look over another’s shoulder to see PowerPoint presentations.  Then we have Room 187 with smart-boards with the same capability as well as videoconferencing. You can comfortable Skype with up to 5 people. 


Quiet Study Room – Room 189

Often students feel that voices carry, so while the Quiet Room has Wi-Fi, it doesn’t have the units with amplified sound.  It just has a number of stations for those who use it to study in peace and quiet.


The Annex

A few steps down the hall from the library  is what is called the Annex — two adjoining rooms that have about 32 computers and smart-boards for classes and labs. COBB  LRC Learning Resource rooms 183 and 185 were also outfitted with videoconferencing equipment.


Student Education and Services Center 

Over in the Keck Building, under Linda Towles, Manager, Student Education and Services Center and Blackboard Administrator is the Student Education and Services Center (SESC). The SESC has 25 computers in the laboratory setting and at least 13 more computers throughout the center for student and faculty use.  Recently, Angela Minniefield provided funding to secure new chairs for the area.


Poster Printing

It is an opportunity to add a value-added services to our students, faculty and staff who are presenting at conferences and workshops. In addition, we support the administrative units by printing posters for University and educational events. Initially, we inherited the poster making part of what we do when we had twice the staff size but we make time to run them off an hope we can continue to provide these services free.  Recently, a new printer was added, however; the former workhorse still churns them out, too. 


Special Exhibits

Each special month, without fail, the library sets up a display  which highlights special events and health related issues.


For more photos of the library click here.



COSH Abstracts and Accolades

Abstracts and Accolades: 

Artaza JN, Contreras JR, Hlaing SM, Garcia LA, Pervin S., Ferrini MG. Vitamin D induces muscle differentiation and promotes an antifibrotic phenotype in primary cultures of skeletal muscle derived  satellite cells and fibroblasts. Presented at the Western Regional Meeting of the AFMR (American Federation for Medical Research), Abstract # 187; January 29-31, 2015. Carmel, California.

Su M. Hlaing BS, Andre Chan BS, Jorge N. Artaza MS, PhD, Monica G.  Ferrini PhD

Oral Treatment with a Combination of 4 Nutraceuticals (Ginger, L-Citrulline, Muira Puama and Paullinia Cupana) that Up-regulate  the NO-cGMP Pathway Can Delay the Onset of Aging Associated Erectile  Dysfunction. American Society for Andrology (ASA), Salt Lake City, Monday April 20th 2015.

Juanita K Jellyman, PhD, Farnoosh Farshidi, MD, Benedict Garma, Revecca Millan, Mina Desai, PhD and Michael G Ross, MD, MPH Maternal Bisphenol A Promotes Hypertension Via Upregulation of Renin-Angiotensin System In Male Offspring. Presented at the Society of Reproductive Investigation 2015 Annual Meeting, March 26, 2015, San Francisco.

 Congratulations to Health and Life Sciences 2015 Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences alumna Asia Archer, who obtained a Research Associate position with Amgen after a very competitive selection process.

Thanks to COSH Interim Dean Ronald Edelstein, PhD and Barbara Cross for this information


CDU Alumni Have Their Say

Erica Davenport '14 College of Medicine

My name is Erica Davenport. I was in the Drew UCLA  class of 2014.  Matched OB Gyn  at LA County USC  and I am extremely happy.  As a Drew Member I came back to support  my classmates who are in 2015.

When I went up there to say my speech, I was in tears because when you open that envelope all the 4 or 5 years of being in premed, taking the MCAT, Step One Step Two Studies, Anatomy everything just comes out and hits you at once.So it’s like  all that come down to  one little word on a piece of paper at 9 o’clock on a random Friday.

You just break down because you think of all the hard work and everything you  sacrificed to get to this moment and then you realize how much it is worth it even though in the process you think it’s not.

Looking back I would still be emotional and I’m still excited and glad that I went through this process and I recommend anyone continue your dreams to be a doctor.

Click on her photo to see her say it on video.

Ozioma Nwosu '12, Mervyn M. Dymally School of Nursing

Originally, I am from Lagos, Nigeria and I came to the US 10 years ago.  I got a bachelor’s degree in microbiology but I was looking for a change. I didn’t want to spend my whole life in a lab and so I was looking for a school of nursing.  Someone told me there is this place called Charles R. Drew University and they were trying to make up their first nursing class.   I was like “Really?” So, I attended the information session and it was real.  I was part of the first cohort.  That was 2010 and I graduated in 2013 with my Entry Level Master of Science(ELM) degree. 

I got a job at Cedars Sinai, in nursing in the Neuro/Spine Unit.  It is challenging I must say.  Nursing is not  a profession for the faint of heart. But then it is rewarding in every way.

My favorite professor was Dr. Gloria McNeil,  the most intelligent professor that I ever met.  She is a very smart woman.  She taught us pathophysiology.  The way she taught the class was in such a way I never had any professor teach.   She always started with a story and used the components of the concept in the story. So whenever you remembered the story, you remember everything. I think that was genius.  I started to tape her and when I listened to the tape and I read the notes, I get all the concepts. She is a phenomenal educator. So, shout out to her.

Click on her photo to see her say it on video.

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