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April 2014

Message from the President

Dr. CarlisleGreetings,

Earlier this month, I dedicated one of my weekly messages to the memory of our student and classmate, Mattison L. Moncler Outlet Haywood.  I also want to do the same with this message.  Mattison was a student in CDU’s Post-Baccalaureate Program who was preparing herself to apply to medical school.  Mattison, along with her fiancé Michael Myvett and eight others lost their lives in the tragic bus accident that occurred on April 10th.Moncler jacketssp; Services for Mattison will be held Saturday, May 10th. Details about the location and time are available in this newsletter.

Although April was a difficult month for the CDU family and community, there was also cause to celebrate.  On April 24th, the University paid homage to a living legend, Dr. Gus Gill.  Over 350 people attended the 2nd Legacy Leaders Spring Gala held at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.  It was truly a pleasure to celebrate and share Dr. Gill’s career contributions with guests including Dr. Gill’s family, Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas and Assemblymember Steven Bradford.  A highlight of the tribute was the naming of the “Dr. Gus Gill Way”; a pathway located on our CDU campus (southeast and adjacent to the Martin Luther King, Jr., Community Hospital parking lot).  Dr. Gill traveled this path often as he walked to and from Los Angeles County King-Drew Medical Center and CDU during his career at both institutions.  The capstone of the evening was the presentation on behalf of Dignity Health, this year’s Presenting Sponsor, by Mr. Tom Salerno (St. Mary’s Hospital CEO) of a commitment to two years of Presenting Sponsorship, totaling $750,000 for the University and the Spring Gala event.  I wish to thank our other sponsors, members of the Gala Honorary Host Committee, and the talented artists who came together to make the event a celebration. Thank you to everyone that attended. Of course, the Gala would not have been possible were it not for the people behind the scenes who made the event a reality.  Thank you to our Office of Strategic Advancement and the many CDU volunteers (students, faculty and staff).

When this newsletter is issued, many of our students will have completed their final examinations.  Our nursing students are expected to complete their final examinations by the end of this week.  I wish again to commend and congratulate all CDU students for the successful completion of the 2013-14 academic year.


President David M. Carlisle

Staff Member of 2013: Congratulations, Marianna Sarkyssian

On April 11th, 2014 over 100 staff and faculty members from Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science attended the 2013 Staff Member of the Year and Annual Service Awards Ceremony.

This award recognizes the employee’s valuable efforts and contributions to the organization. For the CDU family, this is an opportunity to spotlight the staff and faculty for workplace perseverance, longevity, and notable tenure with the University.
The Staff Member of the Year award honors the employee that demonstrates outstanding attitude, performance, teamwork, creativity, organizational abilities, dedication, responsiveness, communication, and safety in the delivery of service to the University. CDU honored Marianna Sarkyssian as the 2013 Staff Member of the Year.

Watch her video acceptance:
Clip 1: The announcement
Clip 2: Her acceptance speech

More Employee Awards

Employees who were celebrating 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, and so on until the 35th anniversary years were recognized. Dr. Ronald Edelstein topped the list for having served 35 years here at CDU.

Watch his brief video award here

Other Service Awards include:  

30 Years of Service: Dr. Mamdooh H. Ghoneum, Kessler E. Martin

20 Years of Service: Dr. Merlyn Asuncion, Dr. Mohsen Bazargan, Holly E. Johnson

15 Years of Service: Dr. Mayer B. Davidson, Dr. David S. Martins, Dr. Junko Nishitani, Albert L. Washington

10 Years of Service: Melissa L. Braga, Karen G. Cheng, Erik S. Fleming, Dr. Sheba M. George, Dr. Kabirullah Lutfy, Maria Quintana, Linda T. Towles

5 Years of Service:  Patricia A. Avila, Deborah A. Jones, William Jason McCuller, Deborah G. Potts, William D. Quintana, Jennifer Sancen, Mike Scott


A Gala to Remember: The Legacy Leaders Spring Gala 2014 a Huge Success!

For more event photos, click here.

Click these hyperlinks for the tribute video and the tribute slideshow.


Evening Honors Dr. Gus Gill, Past Chairman of Otolaryngology Dept. and Current Senior Advisor to the President

Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science (CDU) Legacy Leaders Spring Gala presented Dr. Gus Gill with the Legacy Leaders Award, Thursday, April 24 at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion Ballroom. This prestigious award is given to a CDU legend whose life and work embodies CDU’s history of service through education, patient care and research. Proceeds from the event will contribute to the University’s one-of-a-kind pipeline program, Saturday Science Academy II, and towards training future health providers that are as diverse as California’s population.

At the event, Tom Salerno, president of St. Mary’s Medical Center, who represented Presenting Sponsor Dignity Health, announced the donation of $750,000 toward a two-year commitment to CDU. St. Mary’s Hospital is a member of the Dignity Health network, which has a history of representing the poor. Dignity Health’s Executive Vice President and COO, Marvin O’Quinn, is Chair of the CDU Board.

Mattison Haywood Remembered by Students, Faculty and Admin

The CDU family gathered Thursday April 17th, 2014 to remember Mattison Haywood, first year post-baccalaureate student whose life and nine others, (including her fiancé's) were taken too soon. The somber mood permeated the cool evening air as classmates, faculty and administrators took turns remembering "Matty" as she was affectionately called.
L.A. County Board President Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, Ryan Higgins from the Office of Assemblymember Isadore Hall III, Carson Councilman Mike Gipson and other notables were present.

Moncler Outlet

Dr. David Carlisle shared his first hand encounter with Mattison:
"I personally remember the occasion when I met Mattison. I remember the joy and happiness and sunshine she brings to every occasion when one would interact with her… I talked with Mattison's family this past weekend, and note that her family has remained strong in the most trying of circumstances…Mattison was committed to community service and improving the lives of others, which is exactly what she was doing when her life ended. She personified all that our university stands for: our vision our mission and our values,” he said.

Referring to her fiancé who also perished, Dr. Carlisle said "I also want to acknowledge Mattison's fiancé, Michael Myvette. He was a similar person with a similar commitment. He served as an autism counselor in the Carson and Torrance areas. And indeed, you'll note that the color theme of this evening is the color blue, and that is in celebration of the fight against autism, in the honor of Mr. Michael Myvette. Michael also had ties to CDU. His uncle Keith Andre is a former CDU employee. He wanted to be with us this evening. He appreciated the thoughts expressed to him and to his family during this most difficult time.

"CDU is honored to have had Mattison enrolled as a member of our student body.”

Listen to the Services Now: The students' memories of Mattison are happy, sad, painful and uplifting. Please click here and fast forward to 16:11 to hear her classmates remember her.


A letter to CDU from Carla Haywood, Mother of Mattison Haywood:



To the staff and students of Charles R. Drew University (CDU):
I was deeply moved with love and compassion after hearing the audio presentation of the vigil that was held last week Thursday for my dear Mattison Haywood. I am so sorry we were not able to attend due to the immediate obligations at the time.

Mattison was very excited about attending CDU and was looking forward to increasing her opportunities to be competitive as a future doctor in our community. We stand in solidarity of the love and appreciation you gave to Mattison during her short time at CDU. We will forever remember you as part of our extended family as you have demonstrated your unconditional support during this difficult time for the Haywood and Myvett families.

Thank you once again for the beautiful words of comfort and prayers and the tributes from you the students and faculty of CDU. I will cherish his audio forever in my heart!

As Mattison would say “Love is Key”

Carla L. Haywood and Family

Mattison Haywood's parents have announced her final services:

May 10, 2014 @ 11:00 am

At Crosspoint Church,

6950 Edison Ave.

Chino, CA 91710

All are invited!

CME Reception: Celebrating Accreditation Success

Jeonathan Rodriguez, Coordinator, Academic Affairs, Annika Gill, Director, Continuing Medical Education, Ronald Edelstein, Ed.D, Sr. Associate Dean, Academic Affairs, and
Aziza Anna Lucas Wright, MA, Community Faculty, all of the College of Medicine

Continuing Medical Education Accreditation Period Extended to 2019

The Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) recently awarded Accreditation with Commendation to the CDU’s Continuing Medical Education (CME) program. As a result, the University’s renewed ACCME accreditation period has been extended from four years to a total of six years and runs through November 30, 2019.

Only 21% of ACCME-accredited organizations have achieved Accreditation with Commendation. To be awarded accreditation at this level, the ACCME must find a provider to be in compliance with all accreditation criteria, including the six commendation criteria that demonstrate a provider’s commitment to engaging with the larger healthcare environment. According to ACCME review, Charles R. Drew University has “demonstrated an engagement with your environment in support of physician learning and change that is part of a system for quality improvement.”

Congratulations to the College of Medicine for your outstanding work.

A Moment in Time: The First Day Mattison Haywood Is a Student at CDU. Services Set for May 10.

Jackie Brown, President Carlisle's Chief of Staff, remembers snapping this photo on the first day the Post-Baccalaureate students arrived here at CDU. At the time she served as the Director of Communications here.  "With all the new faces, I am not sure why I remember that this was Mattison Haywood who was front and center in this photo," she said. "That's God working." 


CDU Celebrates the Legacy of Cesar Chavez with a Lecture by Jose Gonzalez

On April 1st, the CDU Pre-Med Society and Office of the President hosted an event celebrating the legacy of Cesar Chavez. Jose J. Gonzalez, M.P.A., Health Care Management Consultant, community activist and former CDU Board Member lead the conversation. He spoke about his real life interactions with Cesar Chavez, and the impact he had on farm workers’ wages, healthcare and safe working condition. While Chavez organized or many changes, the conversation discussed how we can continue to advocate for the ideals of Chavez. Dr. Carlisle noted: “One of the highlights of my life was having the opportunity to meet Cesar Chavez and shake his hand at a health care reform event in Northridge in 1992.”
At CDU, we honor leaders, like Cesar Chavez, who served the underserved and led with excellence and compassion.

Watch a Few Video comments: Black and Latino relations:

Under Spanish rule: Caste system, Cinco de Mayo, French/Mexican mixing:

Student Profile: Belinda Addo "Students from the School of Nursing Go to Ghana for GHI"

Students headed to Ghana, West Africa on a mission to examine and improve health care systems in impoverished areas.


Belinda Addo (pictured above, front row center) is a nursing student at CDU's Mervyn M. Dymally School of Nursing. She is very active in student government, and a mom of a nine year-old son. A native of Ghana, West Africa, she jumped at the chance to organize a trip to her homeland with fellow classmates interested in examining health care systems around the world. The group leaves in late July. They are a part of the Global Health Initiative (GHI). They have launched a crowd funding project to raise money for their plane tickets and travel accommodations. To contribute to this effort, support the Go Fund Me project currently ongoing: http://www.gofundme.com/71n1a4.

To further explain the Global Health Initiative, Belinda submitted the following:
Belinda submitted this summary of the initiative:

The Global Health Initiative (GHI) is comprised of diverse and innovative health professional leaders who strive to improve all facets of healthcare that are defined by a society which include diverse cultures and cultural health beliefs. In particular, GHI is interested in providing preventative care and primary care to rural areas around the world, with its first quest to Ghana, West Africa. In rural areas, preventative care and primary care are scarce in the sense that services are not readily available for natives who reside outside of the suburbs. Contributing to health disparities is the cost to maintain care. Collectively, we intend to curb the increasingly growing numbers of preventable health disparities which contribute to expensive hospital treatment.

Our main focus is to improve patient centered care through education, promoting health, and educating communities about susceptible health risks. We are collaborating with Global Human Services a non-profit organization directed by Roger Williams III to provide care and services to a local orphanage where a new clinical site is being built.

The goal is to increase patient education and decrease preventable diseases by:

  • Emphasizing health prevention, promotion and treatment to underserved communities. We plan on accomplishing this task, globally, one country, city, and community at a time.
  • Providing medical supplies as we are aware that rural areas lack resources that enable them of the awareness to susceptible diseases such as Hypertension, Diabetes Type II, and cardiovascular disease.
  • Ensuring health advocacy and culturally sensitive health beliefs through clinical service using evidence based practice.
  • Identifying how cultural beliefs influence and affect health behaviors which will assist in providing patient focused care.

Find out more at: http://cduglobalhealthinitiative.wordpress.com


Photo Gallery: The Busy Month of April 2014


April Newsletter Collage

To browse this month's photogallery, click here.

Our April photo gallery is full of the many wonderful activities and events happening at CDU. Each event has more photos that can be accessed by clicking the hyper-linked event:

·         KJLH Women’s Health Forum

·         Cesar Chavez Day

·         Community Faculty Reception

·         Spring Preview

·         National Public Health Month

·         Visit by George Washington Carver 4th graders with Dr. Carlisle

·         Loretta Jones Award Photo/Cap

·         Birthday Celebrations

·         Dr. Nina Harawa’s  Last Tuesday Event (HIV-AIDS)   



Dr. Jay Vadgama Encourages Action for Health Equity

(Excerpted from the issue of the Los Angeles Sentinel. Scroll below to read the entire article.) 

Says Dr. Jay Vadgama:

“The greatest disparity today is lack of sufficient healthcare resources and infrastructure to support healthfulness. For example, in underserved neighborhoods, there still persists a lack of healthy and affordable food options, safe exercise and recreation areas, in addition to primary and specialized healthcare providers. Combined, these factors exacerbate disparities and will continue to exist,” said Dr. Vadgama.  

The Center for Disease Control and Health and Human Services Department are honoring National Minority Health Month, with the theme, “Raise awareness of health disparities with your friends and family"

  • Learn about your rights and what resources you need
  • Engage healthcare providers
  • Get involved with healthcare and research activities at academic centers
  • Practice individual healthful activities such as eating healthy, exercising, reducing stressful behavior, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • Join and organize community health activities

Spring Preview 2014 Open House for prospective students.

Each Spring, the Department of Admissions, under the direction of Dr. Rita Sawyer, opens the doors to the CDU campus so that any student who is considering attending can take a real time stroll through and meet many of our faculty, staff and students. Pictured are many of the willing team that brings Spring Preview to life: From Left: Risha Griffin, Admissions Counselor Brittney Miller, Student Services Coordinator, Maria Rosales, Post-BACC student, Shani Hunter, undergraduate student, James Reed, Admission Counselor and Sara Estrada, Admissions Counselor.


News from the Office of Medical Student Affairs (OMSA)

King Drew Seniors receive $500 scholarships from CDU

The month of March ended with several activities in one day for the Office of Medical Student Affairs – College of Medicine. On March 29, the Partnership for Progress (P4P) ended yearly activities with student presentations and a luncheon. In P4P, CDU medical students act as mentors for senior high school students at the King Drew Medical Magnet High School. Mentorship responsibilities include helping senior students understand the education and training involved with health care jobs, sparking an interest in health care related fields,Moncler Outlet and academic and professional guidance in selecting and applying for a college. The culminating activity consisted of student presentations on related topics of interest in the health care field. Students were judged on the projects by the entire group of medical school student/mentors. The winners were Ms. Melissa Wenceslao and Ms. Aziza Wright, who will both receive a $500 scholarship check from CDU.

The Office of Medical Student Affairs takes a “Second Look”

The Office of Medical Student Affairs hosted a “Second Look” for accepted applicants into the CDU College of Medicine program. Current CDU medical students mixed with the new students and talked to them about life as a CDU medical student. A large number of newly accepted applicants were present who represented a host of colleges in California and across the U.S.

Submitted by Joseph Corrao
Director for Student Affairs

Community: Lillian Mobley Breakfast Honoring Lena Cole Dennis

CDU administration and faculty showed up in full support of the Lillian Mobley Multipurpose Center's 1rst Annual Legacy Breakfast. For this maiden voyage, Lena Cole Dennis was selected to receive the award for her untiring help with the Lillian Mobley Center and many other community groups. Also, Cole Dennis has volunteered at many CDU functions and board activities over the years as well. From left: CDU’s Mervyn M. Dymally School of Nursing Interim Dean Shirley Evers Manly, Dr. Ronald Beavers, former Program Director of the CDU Tobacco Control Program, African American Smoke Free National Black Leadership Initiative on Cancer (NBLIC) and Angela Minniefield, Vice President, Office of Strategic Advancement.

More photos

CDU Alumni Publish Findings on Dietary Supplements and HIV + Women

Two graduates have published their research in the esteemed journal ElSevier, entitled: “Using the theory of planned behavior to explore attitudes and beliefs about dietary supplements among HIV-positive Black women."
The alums, Stephanie Lino and Danielle Campbell, are recent graduates. Download and read it here:
Moncler Outletwww.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0965229914000338

Submitted by Prof. Cynthia Davis

May Calendar

CDU Master Calendar For May 2014

5/3/2014: Free Mammograms May 3 

5/5/2014: Cinco de Mayo

5/7/2014: Nurses Week: The History of African American Nursing in California

5/8/2014: Landing Your First Nursing Job

5/8/2014: Global Health Initiative, Nursing Care in Ghana; Nursing Care after the Typhoon in the Philippines

5/9/2014: MMDSON Student Film Festival

5/14/2014: Future of Nursing/Clinical Practice

5/26/2014: Memorial Day-Campus Closed 

5/29/2014: Just 2 Away - BEATING OBESITY SYMPOSIUM 

5/31/2014: 30th Annual Commencement Ceremony - Save The Date 

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