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March 2014

Message from the President

Dr. Carlisle

Dear CDU Family,
March has been a busy month for us at CDU. 

Earlier this month, we had the wonderful opportunity to host campus visits from local area high schools.  Our Student Ambassadors welcomed approximately 40 students from North Salinas High School and the Archer School for Girls’ for their 2014 Career Day. 
We are MIGHTY (Modeling Impactful Guidance Here to Youth), a Mission Maker grant funded program, hosted a campus visit for LA Jordan, Animo Watts and Dorsey High Schools.  The event provided students with the opportunity to meet CDU administrators, students, faculty and staff and to learn about careers in the health professions. 
I was the guest lecturer for classes in our Post Baccalaureate and Public Health programs.  
The College of Medicine’s Cancer Journal Club continues to meet monthly and the meetings are well attended by CDU faculty. 
It bears repeating, we are fortunate to have individuals that are active participants in cutting-edge research who make lasting contributions to the health of our global community. 
I want to applaud the work of the ‘new’ Staff Management Council, under the leadership of Ms. Lorraine Grey and Mr. Anthony Williams.  Their efforts to further the University’s Mission by uniting staff and serving as ‘staff ambassadors’ are to be commended. Lunch with the President will resume soon.  A Broadcast email will inform of the date and time.

Please join me in celebrating the founding of two new CDU honor societies. Alpha Kappa Delta Chapter of the Delta Epsilon Iota Academic Honor Society and the Gamma Phi Chapter of Delta Omega, which is the national Honor Society for Public Health.
CDU’s 2nd Annual Legacy Leaders Spring Gala is right around the corner.  If you have not already done so, please purchase your tickets.  There is still time.  The event will be held on April 24th at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.  Our very own Dr. Gus Gill is this year’s honoree. Information on the event and ticket purchase is available in this newsletter.
Each month, I look forward to reading the CDU Monthly Newsletter and hope you feel the same. Our newsletter is a wonderful resource to share the good news, success and achievements happening in your department/area.  I encourage you to share your stories with others in the CDU community by contributing to the newsletter.
I want to close by reaffirming the University’s commitment to our students, faculty and staff.   CDU will continue to explore new ways to teach that will serve our students, the state, the nation, and the communities we serve.  We will continue to provide our faculty and staff with the tools and resources needed to make the University a place you are proud of.  In return, I ask for your commitment to making CDU a University where students are proud to list on their resumé and a place where employees are proud to work.  Harvard University President, Dr. Drew Faust, could have been talking about CDU when she once stated, “We have been entrusted with a very precious resource.  It has preceded us, and it’s our obligation to shape how it’s going to outlive us.”


President David M. Carlisle

Community and Academic Faculty Networking Forum April 1

Hosted by the CDU Division of Community Engagement

April 1, 2014, 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., Charles R. Drew University, Cobb Student Lounge and Foyer

Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science is proud to present the Community and Academic Faculty Networking Forum. The mission of the Community Faculty is to “Create equity and equality in health and wellness by increasing academic and community capacity through a collaborative integration of local expertise”.

The purpose of the forum is to introduce the newly appointed Community Faculty and re-introduce the existing Community Faculty to the Academic Faculty so that they can discover common research interests and facilitate partnerships and collaborations.

For more information contact: Melanie Rodriguez, 323-249-5704 merodrig@cdrewu.edu


Home Stretch for the CDU Spring Gala, a major fundraiser for the university. Got tickets?

Coming Up: Calendar of Events

Wednesday, March 26, 2014: Good News Radio Magazine

Wednesday, March 26, 2014: Medical Student Research Colloquium

Sat., March 29, 2014: Spring Preview 2014 (CDU College Open House)

Monday, March 31: Cesar Chavez Day; Campus Closed

Tuesday, April 1, 2014: Cesar Chavez Day Event, Noon in Keck Auditorium

Tuesday, April 1, 2014: Community and Academic Faculty Networking Forum

Sat., April 5, 2014: 14th Annual KJLH Women’s Health Forum www.kjlhradio.com

Sat., April 19, 2014: Healthy Watts 5k Walk/Run Tickets, Los Angeles at ‎Macedonia Baptist Church, Los Angeles, CA EventBrite

Thursday April 24, 2014: The Legacy Leaders Spring Gala , Honoring Legends Championing Our Mission Thursday April 24, 2014 from 6 p.m.

Sunday, April 27, 2014: 8am-2pm. Third Annual Los Angeles First Ladies Health Screening Day, sponsored by Walgreens, CDU and others.

Saturday, April 27, 2014: Walgreens' First Ladies Health Initiative


Dr. Wilbert Jordan Created an Oasis for HIV/AIDS Patients

Click for video

For the past 14 years, every week day except Friday, persons who attend the Oasis Clinic at CDU can have a lunch provided free by Black churches. They include Zion Hill, Second Baptist, St. Bridgid’s, First AME Church, Bryant Temple, West Angeles C.O.G.I.C., and Faithful Central.

Each church adopts a day a month. On this day, Sonia Hooper from Unity Fellowship was serving a heart-warming bean and sausage soup with hot corn bread and homemade cookies.  It is a way to let HIV patients know that they care.  “No one gives them a penny. No grants are given to any of the churches,” said Dr. Wilbert Jordan, director, who founded the clinic which is a collaboration between CDU and Los Angeles County.

He asked the churches for help when he noticed that more than half of his adolescent patients were contracting HIV after their parents kicked them out of the house when they learned they were gay.  For some it is the only meal they get daily.

“Every church I have gone to, I never had anyone say no,” he said. “Over half of my patients--64%--have been molested.  When it happens to you when you are 12 you are still dealing with it when you are 45,” he continued. Because of this and other social dilemmas, the youth are at the mercy of the cold streets, which force them into relationships with those who may have HIV just to have a warm place to sleep at night.

“Our motto is this is place where first class people are treated first class.  We treat our patients just as well as anybody. Our providers are just as knowledgeable as anywhere.  We stand head and shoulders with anybody and, yes, we are arrogant about that.”

The inimitable Dr. Jordan has been at CDU over 35 years, and showed his 35 year clock to prove it. He has seen the gamut of health care where the medicines were once worse than the disease but today assures us that there is no reason for anyone to die from AIDS.

There is so much more to the story.  Watch the complete video interview with Dr. Jordan.

The Oasis Clinic provides lunches Monday through Thursdays most days.  They also schedule patients for treatment and offer medicines and even find housing if needed.

The Oasis Clinic is located at 1807 E 120h Street, LA 90059. Call Monday through Friday (310) 668-4213 for an appointment or walk in, (but be prepared to wait.)  Tuesday’s clinic is open til 8 p.m.

More photos: http://www.smugmug.com/gallery/n-BhbtP/i-KN4dVSH

Graduating Medical Students at Charles R. Drew University Celebrate A Highly Successful Match Day

2014 Percentage of CDU Residency Matches in Primary Care Continue to
Increase and Commit To Serving the Los Angeles Community

On March 21, 2014, Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science celebrated a highly successful Match Day - the day on which medical students across the country find out where they will spend their residencies—the next three to seven years after graduation. 

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Thirty-one eager Charles R. Drew University students stood before a crowd of fellow students, family and faculty to open their official Match Day envelope that determines the next chapter of their careers. This represented an increase in matched students from last year.

CDU will see 77% of its medical graduates enter into primary care (Family medicine, Internal medicine, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics).  This marks a 33% increase from last year’s matches to primary care at the University. The remaining CDU medical graduates will serve in non-primary care specialties such as anesthesiology, dermatology, emergency medicine, psychiatry, and surgery.

“I am incredibly proud of our graduating medical students. Their placements are not only impressive; they actually emphasize the uniqueness of our students and the University mission to serve those who are underserved. Being placed is the result of their hard work and dedication to practice medicine with excellence and compassion,” said Dr. David M. Carlisle, President of CDU.

Primary care serves of particular importance as we see an increased number of individuals who will be receiving coverage through the Affordable Care Act this year. 

The majority of CDU medical graduates, 77%, will be staying on the West Coast, but some will be venturing to the East Coast.

Angela Orozco was matched with John Hopkins University: “My Grandfather came with his Baltimore hat today because he said ‘That's where we are going to go next.’ I said ‘We don't know, let’s just see what the envelope says." And then I read it and there was overwhelming joy all around.”

Lance Mixon was matched into Anesthesiology at Harbor UCLA Medical Center. When asked how he was feeling beforehand:  "I am feeling great today.  Last week when we learned we were in the match pool was actually more stressful.  I am not going to say where I am hoping for until I open my envelope. New York could be a possibility, but I'm hoping for something locally."

After he opened:"I'm going to Harbor UCLA! That's what I wanted!"  His overcome mother could only wave a crumpled Kleenex and utter "Tissues!"

The National Residency Match Program (NRMP), which oversees the process, stated in a press release that 16,399 U.S. allopathic medical school seniors have matched to first-year residency positions. This year, the Match offered 29,671 first- and second-year positions, 500 more than in 2013 and an all-time high. More than half of the additional positions were in the primary care specialties of Internal Medicine and Family Medicine.

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Who Is The Outstanding Professor? Nominations Sought

Nominations are currently being sought for the CDU Outstanding Professor Award and Outstanding Service Award. Please take a moment to read the attached document and nominate someone that you think deserves to be honored for each award.

Nominations must be submitted by March 28th and may be submitted via email to academicsenate@cdrewu.edu or via campus mail to Academic Senate Awards Committee, c/o Mr. Mike Scott, Cobb Building #280.

For more information please call Mr. Mike Scott, Academic Senate Program Manager, at 323-563-5978 or email academicsenate@cdrewu.edu

Mission Maker Mini Grants: Mission Maker Annual Fund Campaign Update

The success of this year’s Mission Maker Campaign is unprecedented! At $43,686 , we have already raised more money in this year’s cycle than in the whole of last year’s campaign. But we’re not there yet: we need another $9,057 to reach our total campaign goal of $52,000, and every dollar counts.

Remember: funds provided by the Annual Mission Maker Campaign are given to projects that directly support students as well as encourage participation in serving the community. Your gift will pay for CDU application fees, students’ textbooks, and tuition scholarships. Thank you for helping train tomorrow’s health care leaders! 

Cesar Chavez Day


Join us in celebration of Cesar Chavez Day at noon on April 1 by attending a presentation by healthcare management consultant and community activist Jose J. Gonzalez, M.P.A. Mr. Gonzales is a former Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science Board Member. The event, which is hosted by the CDU Pre-Med Society and Office of the President, will take place in the Keck Lecture Hall, followed by a reception in the COSH Lobby.

 For further information, contact Veronica Aguilar at veronicaaguilar@cdrewu.edu 

Note: March 31 is the holiday CDU observes and the campus will be closed.

COSH Elementary School Science Enrichment Program

The Elementary Science Enrichment Program, funded in part by a grant from the CDU Mission Maker Mini-Grant Campaign, is taking place for the second time at George Washington Carver Elementary School, located two blocks west of CDU.  Once again, fourteen Post-Bacc students are enriching fourth- and fifth-grade students’ science curriculum by providing hands-on lessons, games, and other fun and motivating activities. Since the program started in February, elementary school students have learned about ecosystems, the solar system, the water cycle, magnetism, electricity, and identifying and classifying rocks and minerals.

Started last year by Lucia Vides, a former Post-Bacc student, this program aims at making science more attainable and exciting to elementary school students residing near CDU.  Once Carver students participate in eight weekly lessons, they are invited to CDU on a field trip where they are given a tour by their CDU teachers. They leave the University with a certificate, a science-related book, and most importantly, the knowledge that they can pursue a career in any STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Math) field they desire.  This program’s success is due to the meaningful collaboration between Carver Elementary School staff and the following dedicated CDU Post-Bacc students:

4th Grade Teachers:

Seda Isayan, Antonia Johnson, Kersti Bellardi, Linda WrighDarrin Ward, Lloyd Sealy, Maryam Khalil, Jilliane Nanadiego

5th Grade Teachers:

Revecca Millan, Benedict Garma, Sharon Torres, Raman Sidhu, Shanli Mohammad-Khani, Erika Boles

CDU Selfies!

Thanks to those brave enough to submit heir selfies around campus! 

Top left: Clement Aroh, Student Body President on a visit to the Office of Strategic Advancement in the Cobb Building, pctured with Aunsha Williams, COSH student and co-founder of the COSH Honor Society. Top rght: COSH's Taynay Cameron and Master of Public Health Student Association (MPHSA) President Ashanti Fisher say "Join us as we celebrate National Public Health Week coming up April 7 through 13!"  Bottom left:  Hmmm.  Who dat?  And bottm right, just having fun!

While you are on campus, takea selfie and send it to isidrapersonlynn@cdrewu.edu for next month's newsletter!

COSH Students Establish New Scientific Journal Club: CEAL

COSH Post-Baccalaurate students Erika Boles, Kersti Bellardi and Shanli Khani, working with advisor Dr. Tom Magee in the Department of Health and Life Sciences, have organized a new scientific journal club, “Critical Exploration of Academic Literature” (CEAL). 

CEAL’s mission is to facilitate a safe and active environment for students who are interested in gaining exposure to scientific literature while promoting critical thought.  The meetings provide an informal platform for students to discuss and critically analyze scientific articles.  CEAL’s first two meetings included a discussion facilitated by Dr. Magee about the fundamentals of finding and interpreting academic journals, and a peer-lead discussion of water filtration by plant xylem.   The next meeting will be Thursday, April 3rd, at noon in Keck 228. 

For more information, contact ericaboles@cdrewu.edu.

Match Day Happiness: More Photos and Videos from an Emotional day!

Dean Daphne Calmes congratulates happy Student Angela Orozco who placed at Johns Hopkins University.

Her story (and others)  is told here in video and photos.

Special thanks to William Paz-Leiva for these beautiful Match Day group and family shots taken (over 100!) at the end of the ceremony. Click here!

Health and Life Sciences Student Clement Aroh Research Achievement


Clement Aroh, a Bachelor of Science student in the Health and Life Sciences Department in the College of Science and Health (COSH), and President of the Charles Drew Student Government (CDSG), has recently added another ‘feather’ to his cap.  Research with Drs. Jaydutt V. Vadgama and Seyung ‘Steve’ S. Chung, at the CDU Division of Cancer Research, has earned him recognition as the second author of a paper published in the online publication, “PLOS ONE”.  According to its website (www.plosone.org), PLOS (Public Library of Science) ONE is an “international, peer-reviewed, open-access, online publication that welcomes reports on primary research from any scientific discipline.”

The article, “Constitutive Activation of STAT3 Signaling Regulates hTERT and Promotes Stem Cell-Like Traits in Human Breast Cancer Cells” can be found in the December 2013 issue of the publication. 

Congratulations to Clement Aroh as well as Drs. Vadgama and Chung, for this noted achievement!

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The CDU COSH Honor Society


COSH students worked diligently with COSH Dean Gail Orum and CDSG advisor, Ms. Darlene Parker-Kelly to establish an honor society on campus for CDU COSH students. Presenting the founding members of the new chapter of Delta Epsilon Iota Honors Society for COSH students (from left  to right beginning with the back row) Jaime Contreras, Clement Aroh, Bakari Garvey, Benedict Garma, founding advisor Ms. Darlene Parker-Kelly, (front row) founding Dean Gail Orum, Euphemia Igboakaeze, Carla Simmonds, Ciarra Jones, Sharon Torres. Founding members not pictured: Naomi Choi, David Gordon, Geneva Boyce and Aunsha Williamson.


 From Dean Shirley Evers Manley: Nine Students applied to the CDU/UCLA Bridges to the Doctorate Program for the 2014-15 Academic School year.

For the first time, the ELM students from MMDSON Cohort Eight Pharmacology Course, scored above the National benchmark for the ATI examination.  Our students scored 65.4% compared to the National Average of 60.7%.

1st Annual Legacy Breakfast and Award Fundraiser for the Lillian Mobley Center

Please join The Lillian Mobley Center’s 1st Annual Legacy Breakfast and Award Fundraiser as they reflect on the legacy of Mrs. Lillian Mobley, one of the founders of CDU.  The first recipient will be the wonderful Ms. Lena Cole Dennis.
The event will take place March 29, 2014, 9a.m. until 11a.m. , WLCAC,  10950 S. Central Ave. in Los Angeles, CA 90059.


Dr. Sondos Islam Co-Authors Book Chapter on Promoting Health in Arab-American Populations

  Sondos Islam, PhD, MPH, MS, Associate Professor, Program Director, Director of the Urban Public Health program, is co-author (with Shayma Alzubi) of Chapter 14, “Promoting Health in Arab-American Populations,” in the recently-published third edition of Health Promotion in Multicultural Populations: A Handbook for Practitioners and Students.  The latest edition of this book was published by Sage Publications in January this year, edited by Robert M. Huff, Michael V. Kline, and Darleen V. Peterson.  

As described in the Sage Publications web site “The Third Edition of Health Promotion in Multicultural Populations offers both students and practitioners an indispensable resource on assessment and implementation guidelines for promoting health and enhancing behaviors that optimize health in any cultural community.”  (ISBN #9781452276960)

Congratulations to Dr. Islam on this important contribution to the field of promoting health in multicultural populations.

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Dr. Curley Bonds with Drew Cares International and Team from CDU n Rwanda to Teach about HIV/AIDS

Dr. Curley Bonds: In Rwanda and Uganda--teaching and learning. Click to view his compelling photos from his recent trip to Rwanda and Uganda.

Dr. Bonds’ group is not the only one from CDU traveling.

The School of Nursing Global Health Group is actively raising funds to travel to the Philippines and to Ghana.

CDU's COSH Celebrates Pi Day

COSH Dean with Department of Health and Life Sciences faculty and students celebrating "Pi day" with a slice of the real thing!

Left to right: Alan Khuu, Assistant Professor; Dr. Suzanne Porszasz-Reisz, Chair; Dr. Gail Orum, Dean; Erika Boles, Post-Bacc Student; Shanli Khami, Post-Bacc Student; Ciarra Jones, Post-Bacc Student

CDU News Services Keep You in the Know

CDU Newsletter:

The CDU Monthly Newsletter is published during the last week of every month. Please send articles, photos, events, and any other submissions to isidrapersonlynn@cdrewu.edu. Thanks to William Paz-Leiva and Laurell Black for their photographic contributions.

CDU Social Media:

Through our social media channels--Facebook, Twitter and now Instagram, you’ll see up to the minute CDU event coverage you can’t get anywhere else. Feel free to post your own commentary or email your photos to our editor.  We’re posting on everything from CDU’s journey to Rwanda to the latest in healthcare coverage to the trials and tribulations of annual Match Day. Don’t miss it!

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Published by the team at the Office of Strategic Advancement

Loretta Jones, CDU Community Faculty Member to Receive Two Major Awards

On April 8, Loretta Jones will receive the Ruth Roemer Social Justice Leader Award at a luncheon at the CA Endowment. This award goes to a social justice advocate who has made a difference in advancing and protecting health in underserved communities or vulnerable populations and whose work is replicable, sustainable, and scalable. She was nominated by Los Angeles County Department of Health Services Director Mitchell Katz, MD.

Two days later on April 10, she and her long-time colleague Dr. Ken Wells of UCLA and Rand will head to Washington, DC to receive the 2014 Team Science Award from the Association for Clinical and Translational Science and the American Federation for Medical Research on behalf of the Community Partners in Care Steering Council. Previous Awardees have been the NIH Clinical Center, a biostatistical team at Cornell, and the NIH Undiagnosed Disease Program.
Loretta Jones is the founder and CEO of Healthy African American Families, Phase II (HAAF).  She is also an Assistant Professor Science at CDU. Her career as a civil rights activist, health policy advocate, and social architect has spanned more than 40 years.  She is a co-investigator of the NIMH UCLA/RAND Center for Research on Quality in Managed Care, the NIA UCLA Center for Health Improvement in Minority Elderly (CHIME), and the NIH Drew/UCLA Project EXPORT.
Her work as the Co-PI with Dr. Wells on the Witness for Wellness Project, a large descriptive initiative to engage the South Los Angeles community in addressing depression using Ms. Jones’ model of Community Partnered-Participatory Research led to Community Partners in Care, one of the largest randomized trials based on community-based participatory research approach ever conducted in the United States
In his congratulatory email Dr. Bowen Chung wrote: “we are most grateful to Kenneth Wells and Loretta Jones for their vision, leadership, and commitment.  If they hadn’t been “set-up” by Carol Mangione on a lunch date nearly 11 years ago, I’m not sure that the study would have ever come to fruition.”


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