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February 2013

Message from the President

Dear students, alumni, faculty and staff,
The month of February passed us by in a flash, but was full of memories I was honored to share with all of you. 
On February 6, I had the distinction of being officially inaugurated as your President.  Over the past year we’ve been busy placing our University on a strong foundation and haven't had time to focus on ceremonies. Now we were finally able to celebrate together at the official inaugural ceremony and gala. It was a proud day for my family and I, and the overwhelming sense of gratitude that I have for all of you is beyond measure.

While we had time to take a step back and enrich ourselves outside of our classroom, office or lab, the momentum continues as we work together towards developing health care professionals uniquely prepared to provide high-quality medical care and transform the health of underserved communities. We honored Black History Month with movie screenings, a discussion on Dr. Mervyn M. Dymally’s book, and by wearing African garb. We solemnly observed Japanese-American Day of Remembrance with a discussion led by the Japanese American National Museum on lessons learned from the mass Internment of Americans of Japanese ancestry which was preceded by a vibrant Taiko drum performance. Honoring our history is just one of the ways we continue to foster a cultural environment that makes a CDU graduate one- of-a-kind.

Thank you for entrusting me with the leadership of this University, and most importantly, thank you for your support.



Dr. David M. Carlisle


Upcoming Dates

National Kidney Month
3/1/2013 : National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
3/2/2013 : MPHSA First Aid Workshop
3/2/2013 : Saturday Science Academy
3/4/2013 : Carver El. Science Program meeting
3/5/2013 : Pre-Med Society Meeting
3/6/2013 : University Forum
3/8/2013 : HIV Continuing Education Series for Nurses
3/8/2013 : HIV Continuing Education Series for Nurses
3/9/2013 : Saturday Science Academy
3/12/2013 : CPR Training
3/14/2013 : Student Forum 4:00 to 5:00
3/14/2013 : Student Forum 11:45 to 1:15
3/15/2013 : COM Residency Match Day
3/18/2013 : Public Health Workshop-Career Development
3/19/2013 : Electronic Health Record-Dorothy Hendrix Lecturer
3/19/2013 : Cesar Chavez Day Presentation
3/20/2013 : COM Research Colloquium
3/20/2013 : 2013 Med Student Research Colloquium
3/21/2013 : MCAT Jeopardy
3/27/2013 : University Forum

Japanese American Day of Rememberance

Japanese American Day of Rememberance

The reverberating sound of Taiko drums greeted visitors of CDU's observance of the Japanese-American Day of Remembrance. On Thursday February 21, 2013, we welcomed esteemed guests, Dean Aihara, Robert Yasui, Greg Kamura, Dr. Thomas Yoshikawa, as well as our own Dr. Jimmy Hara, for a lively panel discussion and documentary viewing. Mr. Aihara and Mr. Yasui were presented at the event with certificates from Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, PhD,  and Assembly Member Isadore Hall.  CDU hosted the event that reflected on the detrimental actions taken by the United States following Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor in 1942. The internment of hundreds of thousands of Japanese- Americans in concentration camps throughout the Southwestern United States is an act that has had an effect on generations of Japanese Americans. Participants were enlightened by first person accounts, and privy to view actual documents provide d by Dr. Yoshikawa, who was born in an internment camp.  Mr. Greg Kamura in representation of the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles, welcomes students, faculty, and our community to visit the museum to learn more about Japanese American culture, and how the Day of Remembrance changed and continues to change our country today.

Mission Maker Campaign Update

The Mission Maker Campaign has raised $29,423 or 39% of the $75,000 goal. With your help, we can reach our goal of 100% participation! Click http://alumni.cdrewu.edu/AnnualCampaign/index.asp  to donate today! Every donation, no matter how large or small, makes a differences and helps us to meet our mission.
The Mission Maker Campaign is a great way to make a difference at CDU. Mission Makers are friends and supporters of Charles R. Drew University who believe in our mission and have made a contribution to ensure our success. 

CDU Grant Opens Brand New South LA Farmers' Market

A full-service weekly farmers’ market opened on Friday, February 22, 2013, at the Crenshaw Christian Center (CCC). Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science (CDU) was selected by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to begin this farmers' market in South Los Angeles, an area known for being a food desert. The $81,240 grant wass used towards startup and operations costs.
CDU MPH graduate students and Professor Cynthia Davis applied for the grant through the Agriculture Marketing Service’s 2012 Farmers’ Market Promotion Program, which aims to improve access to healthy food,strengthen local economies and reinforce the connection between agricultural producers and their consumers. The grant application was part of the Urban Public Health (MPH) Program’s grant writing course taught by Professor Davis,
The farmers’ market is open on Fridays, from 10 AM to 2:00 PM located at the Crenshaw Christian Center, 7901 South Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles 90044.

Mervyn Dymallys From Island Immigrant to U.S. Congress

The late Dr. Mervyn M. Dymally recorded his experiences from a Trinidadian immigrant to a United States congressman in his book, From Island Immigrant to U.S. Congress, on which a panel and group discussion was held in Keck Lecture Hall on February 13, 2013. This event was one of many held on campus in honor of Black History Month. 
Moncler Outlet Darlene Parker-Kelly welcomed the panel which consisted of President Dr. David M. Carlisle, Dean Gail Orum, Dr. David Martins, Milena Pavlova, COSH Student President Shani Hunter, SON students Marcel Fomotar and Erica Dabney, and audience, after which Laurel Black opened the discussion portion with a recital of the poem, When I Think of Africa. Panel members spoke passionately about their personal affections towards Dr. Dymally and how they were most impacted by his presence. Dr. Carlisle said, “Dr. Dymally is Charles R. Drew University’s major gift.” 
Dr. Carlisle also highly recommends the book as required reading for anyone looking to get into politics. Dr. Martins felt that the book brought home two major points about minority health disparities. He himself said after reading Dr. Dymally’s words, he felt the need to, “become more aware and open up.”
Dean Gloria McNeal gave the closing remarks for the heartfelt discussion that moved many attendees to tears.

CDU Legacy Reception

Continuing with its theme, “Celebrating our past and sustaining our future”, the Office of the President, CDU Alumni Association and the Office of Strategic Advancement hosted the CDU Alumni Legacy Reception.  The event, held on January 23, 2013, was the second in a series of receptions designed to pay tribute to alumni and faculty who symbolize the mission of CDU.  Legacy Awards were presented to Dr. A. Paul Kelly, former Chairman, Department of Dermatology, CDU (Legacy Award in Education); and CDU alumni Ademunyiwa and Songolaye Akinoloye and their daughter Monifa Akinloye-Gilford  (class of ’95, ’84 and ’00 respectively) - a family of alumni from the College of Science and Health (CDU Legacy Award); and Cherry Magalaya- Lee, MD, MSN, APN, FNP, ’12 an Assistant Professor in the Mervyn M. Dymally School of Nursing (CDU Visionary Award).  Traci Kelly, daughter of Dr. Kelly accepted the awar d on behalf of her father.  Dr. Kelly is in Muscat, Oman as a Fulbright Regional Research Scholar studying Keloids.  Dr. Kelly expressed his gratitude via a video presentation which included clips of his 35 years in research and medicine.   “It is an honor for me to accept this award on behalf of my father,” remarked Ms. Kelly.  “He regrets that he could not be here personally.  Drew University and those he trained here will always mean the world to him.”  Professor Cherry Lee beamed with pride as she expressed her thanks to guests, particularly the students in the Mervyn M. Dymally School of Nursing, for her award.   Accepting the Legacy award on behalf of the Akinloye family was Dean Gail Orum.  “The Akinloyes graduated from Charles R. Drew University, while literally making the CDU family a part of their family.”
The CDU Alumni Legacy Receptions are casual events designed to acquaint and reacquaint our alumni, community representatives and previous and prospective contributors with CDU.  The receptions are also a great way for our students to network with alumni. 



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COSH Tutoring Program Starts Off the Spring Semester

The Tutoring Program in the College of Science and Health (COSH) held information sessions in January to publicize services available for all COSH students.  Under the direction of John Isaac, Retention Coordinator, the Tutoring Program (a component of the Student Academic Success System) hosted an information table where tutor Lizett Wilkins provided information about the program and encouraged students to utilize this service. Tutors Lizett Wilkins, Andre-David Kawach and Hyong ‘Harry’ Zhao cover the range of academic subjects in COSH to provide services to our students.
Moncler Outlet COSH tutors are available by appointment to provide tutoring and study skills training.  The Tutoring Program has been in place within the College for the past year, and was able to provide service to over 50 students last semester.  The intent of the Tutoring Program is to provide students with the assistance they need to better assure academic success. For information or to schedule an appointment, contact Mr. Laurell Black, 310-563-4844, in the College of Science and Health.
Tutor Lizett Wilkins and Retention Coordinator John Isaac staff the COSH Tutoring Program Information Table
Tutor Lizett Wilkins and Retention Coordinator John Isaac staff the COSH Tutoring Program Information Table

Office of Admissions

We are still accepting applications for admission from college transfer students, high school graduates and college graduates . . . .
Moncler Outlet We encourage applications from individuals with a strong interest and passion for dedicating their career to providing quality and compassionate service to underserved communities. CDU programs offer rolling admissions and applications are encouraged after the March 1st recommended deadline and until the class is filled. To learn more about the following programs, prospective students are encouraged to join Admission Counselors for a weekly Information Session – held every Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 4 to 6 p.m. (includes a campus tour). To RSVP or for additional information, please call (323) 563-4838 or write to admissionsinfo@cdrewu.edu

  • Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences (a pre-professional program designed for individuals looking for a degree that offers them a pre-medicine, pre-nursing, pre-pharmacy or pre-dentistry curriculum)
  • Associate of Science in Radiologic Technology
  • Associate of Science in Health Information Technology
  • Master of Public Health 
  • Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Program in Pre-Medicine
    For information regarding the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) program, prospective students are encouraged to inquire at mmdson@cdrewu.edu with the Mervyn M. Dymally School of Nursing.
    For information regarding the Medical Education Program, prospective students are encouraged to inquire with the CDU/UCLA Medical Education Program Office of Admissions at (323) 563-4952.
    NOTE: All applicants are encouraged to apply for federal financial aid at the time they apply for admission to an academic degree program.


Under the Iceberg A Messsage From Information Systems

Did you know that 90% of the mass of an iceberg is under the surface?  Just imagine when you see giant icebergs floating on top of the water that there’s a lot more there than simply what you see.
A lot of the things that we do in Information Systems (IS or IT) is “under the surface”.  How come?  Just like in any strong building, what you DON’T see is probably MORE important than what you DO see.  What keeps it stable?  What keeps your e-mail and network systems up and running all the time that you are not thinking about it? How come there are not MORE issues, more viruses, more instability?  For example, did you know that you are attacked with an average of 575 e-mail attacks an hour?  And those are “just” e-mail attacks.  The problem is that a single virus program, spam program and appliances on site are never enough to combat all these things.  We are on guard for all of these, all the time. There are other things that we can purchase to help us with these attacks as well, which cost a pretty penny. We’re working these into our budget.
 It actually takes a lot of planning and a lot of people to make all the background “stuff” work well.  Our staff does a tremendous job at maintaining our servers and network switches and the like. In an assessment of our department by the CIO of University of Wisconsin, Madison, he noted that he has never seen an IT department do as much as we do with so few resources (whether funding or people).
One of the “under the surface” things we are doing is that we are currently implementing our new storage system.  This will increase our capacity for storage and allow us to maintain reliable and stable systems for the next several years.  This is something that we’ve been working on for at least 8 months in planning, building, bidding, acquiring and final implementation.  Over the next 6 months, CDU will see marked improvement in many of the behind the scenes areas including storage, backup and recovery, disaster recovery capabilities, faster recovery in power outages (as well as keeping systems up during power outages). This is another way that we are looking out for our community at large, getting the big picture about preparing for infrastructure growth.  With budget challenges, this is difficult, but not impossible.  The CDU IS team and you are working together to make a difference.


Everbridge Alert System

Charles R. Drew University’s emergency alert system enables emergency response team members to communicate with students, staff, and faculty via email, text messaging and/or cell phone in the event of an emergency.
Moncler Outlet Any current student, staff, or faculty who has not yet signed up for Everbridge should contact Dave Martin at davemartin@cdrewu.edu or Jason Taylor at jasontaylor@cdrewu.edu  immediately to get registered.


CDU Inaugural Gala

The photos from the Inaugural gala at the Millennium Biltmore are now available for viewing online! If you would like a copy of your personal photo, please email Monique Torres,  moniquetorres@cdrewu.edu


CDU Mission-Maker Mini-Grants Awarded to COSH Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Med Students Lucia Vides and Virginia Gomez

Congratulations to Ms. Lucia Vides, who was awarded a Mini-Grant to implement the Elementary Science Enrichment Program she created.  This program is designed to buttress the science education received by students at nearby George Washington Carver Elementary School (Compton Unified School District).  Working with classroom teachers, CDU students volunteer their time to provide hands-on science lessons that correspond with California Science and Language Arts curriculum standards. Ms. Vides cited academic year 2011-2012 statistics, which state that only 35% of fifth- grade Carver Elementary students scored proficient and above on the science assessment, while the California Average was 60%.  She also cited a 2011 article in the Los Angeles Times that reported that only about 10% of students in the Los Angeles Unified School District receive hands-on science lessons.  This was compelling and motivating for Ms. Vides, who state s that it wasn’t until her first year in college that she first performed a science experiment in a class lab or learned science in a "hands-on” way.  Now she is working to insure that students in our local community will not be able to make that claim.
Kudos also go to Ms. Virginia Gomez, who was awarded a Mini-Grant for her SAT Preparation Outreach and Mentorship Program for high school students.  The new program will provide SAT Preparation Outreach and Mentorship to up to 50 high school juniors at neighboring King/Drew Medical Magnet High School (KDHS).  With the support of Dr. Thomas Magee (COSH faculty member and advisor to this program), Lisa Golden (College Advisor, KDHS), and CDU student volunteers from the College of Medicine, School of Nursing and COSH, including Maria Rosales, Donyea Moore, Lucia Vides, Alexandra Banks, and Tom Abbatiello, the program seeks to “assist our underserved youth by providing no-cost SAT preparation” while maintaining collaboration with the various student bodies of CDU and the pipeline between King/Drew and CDU.  In addition to spearheading this project, Ms. Gomez is also the Academic Coordinator in the COSH Pre-Med Society and Treasurer for the Charles Drew Student Government (CDSG).


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