June 23, 2014  
TO:   CDU Students, Faculty, and Staff  
FROM:  James E. Main                   Nathaniel Clark
  Senior Vice-President & COO    University Auditor
RE: Charles R. Drew University – Alert Line

In recent years, we have all seen the headlines. We know that all organizations - universities among them - face serious challenges from unsafe, illegal and unethical behavior by their employees and students. This activity can harm the University’s financial position, its operations, its own reputation and that of its employees. Both President Carlisle and the Board of Trustees take issues of integrity very seriously.

The most effective way to maintain a positive and productive work environment that is characterized by ethical conduct is also the most simple. All we have to do is act with integrity every day, in everything we do. That also means that everyone must be aware of what takes place in their work environment and be willing to speak up about suspicious or harmful activity.

CDU’s “Alert Line” is designed to give you the resources and the encouragement you need to help protect the University and uphold its highest standards. If you see, or suspect, unethical, illegal or unsafe activity, please do not ignore it.  Report it right away.

While speaking directly to your supervisor is the most effective way to report your concerns, we realize that may not always be possible. As an alternative, Charles R. Drew University has partnered with MySafeCampusTM to handle our Alert Line needs. MySafeCampusTM is a 24-hour incident reporting system that is completely confidential and anonymous. You may either log on to or call toll-free 800-716-9007 to make a report 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your confidential report will instantly and discreetly be forwarded to Charles R. Drew University’s internal auditor for handling. You do not have to provide your name.

Working together, we can prevent unethical, illegal or unsafe activity, and at the same time, we can strengthen our culture of accountability while maintaining high standards. Help us reach that goal.  If you have any questions about this important element of CDU’s system of internal control, please call our University Auditor, Mr. Nate Clark at 323-357-3674 or email him at

Thank you.





About Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science
CDU is a private, nonprofit, nonsectarian, minority-serving medical and health sciences institution.  Located in the Watts-Willowbrook area of South Los Angeles, CDU has graduated more than 550 medical doctors, 2,500 post-graduate physicians, more than 2,000 physician assistants and hundreds of other health professionals.  The only dually designated Historically Black Graduate Institution and Hispanic Serving Health Professions School in the U.S., CDU is recognized as a leader in translational and health inequities research, specifically with respect to heart disease, diabetes, cancer, mental health, and HIV/AIDS.  Recently, the CDU/UCLA medical program was named the “best performer” in the University of California System with respect to producing outstanding underrepresented minority physicians by the Greenlining Institute.  For more information, visit .


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