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My Fellow Students,

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I would like to welcome you to Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science here in Los Angeles and celebrate another year of success. In Michelle Obama recent speech she said, “When crisis hits we do not turn against each other, we listen to each, we lean on each other because we are always stronger together”. I write this address hoping to inspire each of you to respond to this call in your daily lives. Each school year we are given a significant opportunity to have a positive impact in the classroom and in the community, but true change begins with each of us. You cannot afford to wait for someone else to take the first step – you must take action! Fortunately, we are in an environment that fosters creativity, leadership, and integrity. On that note, welcome Mighty lions!

As a Might lion, you are apart of a community that celebrates history, cherishes its diversity, and strives for excellence. No matter you field, no matter your passion, Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science is a home worth having. Our supportive university student leaders and staff are willing to help you navigate our beloved university. Our committed faculty has what it takes to help you succeed, and Charles R. Drew University Student Government (CDUSG) is sincere in their efforts to make sure student voice are heard. This year, CDUSG is committed to (1) Creating a more socially and politically conscious Student Government, (2) Engaging in strategic advocacy goals that promote the wellbeing of the Student Body, and (3) Realizing our mission statement. I actively encourage each of you to stay informed as Student Government advocates on your behalf throughout the school year and to join Student Government if you have a passion for student advocacy.

The final piece of the puzzle is you! Go explore the University, find new interests, and get involved! Find who you are, and do everything you can to strive for excellence. If you fall, know that each of us will support you in any way we can. When you succeed, know that our University will cherish and promote your successes. We are a family, and together we can accomplish amazing things. Change starts with you, and ends with us. Together, let’s change lives through education.


Mabel M. Kimble– Student Body President (2016-2017)


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