Morphometry and Stereology Lab

Morphometry and Stereology Lab


The Morphometry and Stereology Laboratory is a service and training laboratory for the faculty, students, and staff of CDU and other interested researchers.  The mission of the laboratory is to:  1) teach up-to-date stereology theory and practical morphometric techniques;  2) help design unbiased efficient morphometric studies; 3) train researchers to use the equipment and software available in the laboratory; 4) develop an outreach program for community students to visit a microscopy research laboratory;  5) organize stereology workshops for CDU personnel and other interested researchers.

1.  Teach Stereology Theory
2.  Help design efficient unbiased morphometric studies
3.  Help write grant applications related to morphometric studies
3.  Embed tissues in epoxy media for thin section (1-µm) light microscopy and
transmission electron microscopy
4.  Section epoxy tissue blocks for thin section (1-µm) light microscopy and 
transmission electron microscopy
5.  Train researchers to embed, section, image, and measure light and electron
microscopy specimens
6.  Help embed, section, image, and measure pilot study tissues measure structural parameters.

1.  Olympus BX-51 microscope with digital camera and motorized stage
2.  Visiopharm newCAST stereology software
3.  Dell Precision T3400 computer
4.  Adobe Photoshop software
5.  Leica EM UC7 ultramicrotome
6.  Diatome US Diamond Knives

For information regarding the Stereology Mini-Course webinars click here.

John M. Basgen, Director

3092 Hawkins Building
1720 East 120th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90059
Phone:  323-357-3668

Morphometry and Stereology Lab Morphometry and Stereology Lab

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