Division of Cancer Research and Training

Division of Cancer Research and Training

Community Outreach

The Community Cancer Outreach, Prevention and Control Program conducts cancer prevention and control through community-partnered participatory research, bidirectional educational exchange, and capacity building with its community partners in underserved and/or socioeconomically disadvantaged populations, predominantly in the South Los Angeles Area. The Program has continued to conduct community-partnered research with support of pilot projects between community and academic faculty.


  1. Expand existing community partnerships to include a focus on cancer awareness, prevention and control
  2. Enhance community and university capacity and relationships to support cancer education, information dissemination and cancer prevention and control.
  3. Provide knowledge transfer activities to disseminate current evidence-based cancer control knowledge from academia to community and experience-based knowledge from community to academia.
  4. Design and implement culturally and linguistically appropriate pilot and full cancer control research projects while maintaining community participation during all phases of the research.


  1. Community Academic Council (30 Members)
    1. Application of replicable model of CBPR, sustained partnerships, shared products
  2. Latino Community Academic Council (15 Members)
    1. Spanish-Speaking CAC to facilitate CPPR
  3. Prevention, Treatment and Control of Cancer in Our Community Conference Series
  4. Pilot and Program Sponsored Research Projects
    1. Faith Based and Community Partnered Research and Patient Navigation program



    1. The Community Faculty Program, Division of Community Engagement at Charles Drew University (CDU): Collaborative manuscript preparation and partnered proposals with Program members.
    2. Healthy African-American Families II: Originator of the Community Partnered Participatory Research Model, host of CAC meetings, and Co-sponsor of the Buildings Bridges Community Conference series:  http://www.haafii.org/ . Ms. Lorettta Jones is CEO of HAAF and a key community partner.
    3. UCLA Fielding School of Public Health Cancer Prevention and Control Research Center: Providing research expertise on survey design, analysis, and manuscripts.
    4. The Accelerating Excellence in Translational Science (AXIS) Center at CDU: Providing additional statistical and programming staff for quantitative studies, and co-sponsorship of conferences and pilots: http://axis.cdrewu.edu/
    5. Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI): UCLA, CDU, Cedars Sinai Medical Center, UCLA Harbor Hospital/LA BioMed: Conference co-sponsorship and support for Health Policy center efforts: http://www.ctsi.ucla.edu/
    6. UCLA Center of Health Policy: Provided summary statistics on cancer risk, prevalence, and mortality and participated in shared analyses with CAC members.
    7. South LA Patient Navigation and Wellness Center (PNWC): A new partner is PNWC, an activity originally supported as a seed-grant by the U54 to Dr. Roberto Vargas, and his community partners/CDU community faculty (Ms. D’Ann Morris, Pastor Rhonda Santifer). This is the first navigation and wellness center in South Los Angeles and is housed within CDU and the adjoining MLK-MACC. To date, the navigators (all bilingual in Spanish) have been heavily engaged in the Partnership, including participation in Community Cancer Outreach conferences. PNWC is a local resource for the U54 to help patients overcome access/follow-up barriers to receiving care and participating in research activities if elected. Find more info:  http://www.southlapnwc.com/


    1. The American Cancer Society, South Los Angeles Leadership Council: Conference Co sponsorship.
    2. Celebrate Life Cancer Ministry Cancer Survivor Network: Co-investigators on U54 pilot project and patient navigation and wellness center project: http://www.celebratelifecm.org/ .
    3. Coalition of (11) faith-based organizations: Developed as a result of Present Your Body pilot project
    4. Coalition for a Safe Environment, Wilmington, CA; Commonwealth of California & the California Breast Cancer Research Program.
    5. Martin Luther King Multispecialty Ambulatory Care Center (MLK-MACC); Los Angeles County Department of Health Services (LADHS): Co-sponsor of patient navigation and wellness center project
    6. The Los Angeles Urban League: Co-sponsor of patient navigation and wellness center project
    7. Peoples Coordinated Services and Mixteco Indigenous Community Organization Project (MICOP): Proposal partnership in Community Capacity Building
    8. City of Hope Hospital, Center of Community Alliance for Research & Education: Proposal partnerships on Latino Survivorship Care Panning and Multilevel analyses of Cultural and Social Determinants of Health.
California Community Foundation: Co-Sponsor patient navigation and wellness center project and other projects.