Our community partners and projects


Community Research Meetings
The RCMI Clinical Research Center hosts quarterly meetings on a broad range of health and medical topics of greatest concern to the South Los Angeles Community. Examples of past meetings include:

  • Violence Against Women and Families
  • Environmental Health
  • Depression
  • Health Disparities Research
  • Diabetes

South Central Multipurpose Senior Citizen Center (SCMSCC)

SCMSCC is a non-profit service delivery system that provides services and programs to seniors in Los Angeles, with a specific focus on the South Central Community.

T.H.E. Clinic

The only non-profit community healthcare clinic located in Southwest Los Angeles, which provides special outreach programs for African Americans, Latinos, and Asians. The clinic serves as a primary care home for community members with a full range of health needs. T.H.E. Clinic is able to provide support in eleven languages.

Healthy African American Families (HAAF)

HAAF is a non-profit, community-serving agency whose mission is to improve the health outcomes of the African American and Latino communities in Los Angeles County by enhancing the quality of care and be advancing social progress through education, training, and collaborative partnering with community, academia, researchers, and government.

Service Planning Area 6

SPA 6 is a Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors-designated community representing the cultural and business heart of the Los Angeles African American community. SPA 6 includes parent representatives, caregivers, community based organizations, county departments, school administrations, community businesses, advocacy groups, youth and concerned community members. The collaborative group is comprised of more than 500 member organizations and meets monthly to help identify and fill gaps in services, share information about issues facing SPA 6 communities, constituents and networks. Many Drew clinical and biomedical research programs interact closely with the SPA 6 community and are active members of working committees.

Southside Coalition

The Southside Coalition of Community Health Centers is a network of autonomous non-profit community clinics that have joined together to better sustain, coordinate, and improve healthcare to the impoverished, vulnerable, publicly insured and under or uninsured people without access to care in the South Los Angeles Area. The Southside Coalition, established in 2004, has been growing in strength and in resolve to improve health services and access in South Central Los Angeles. Its members have defined a mission, vision, and purpose, and formally signed a memorandum of understanding to work collectively. The members believe that through concerted, collective effort, they could begin to create a force on behalf of the under and un-insured working indigent patient population they all served. Reasoning that through networking, collaborative efforts, and coordination, they could begin to “restring the safety net” of primary health care services in the South Los Angeles area.

Community Asset Mapping

“Community Asset Mapping” refers to the use of specialized computers and software to analyze the health, technology, social services, and other resources of communities. The RCMI Research Informatics Core has a Health Geographic Information Systems expert, who uses huge databases (such as census data; hospital discharge data; the National Health Interview Survey; city, county and state data) to provide ready access to maps and resource files that are easily searchable by community, zipcode, or neighborhood. The UCLA/RAND/DREW disparities in health research grant (DHHS #PO1 HS 10858) funded this online community asset map and database application, which is available at