Biomedical Research Center

Biomedical Research Center

Informatics Research Core


The Informatics Research Core (IRC) focuses on facilitating and conducting research on the role of technology in reducing health disparities in an urban underserved environment. The core provides critical technical and academic expertise in information technologies, software development, geographic information systems, and human factors analysis. The core also implements and evaluates information technology interventions in urban health care settings (primarily public safety-net clinics). The core also facilitates collaborative research programs through developing, implementing, and evaluating collaborative technologies and data sharing systems to increase research productivity.

Specific Aims

To this end, the specific aims of the Informatics Research Core are:

Specific Aim 1: To expand and enhance core expertise at Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science in the areas of Medical Informatics/Biomedical Computing and Information Technology through the recruitment of skilled personnel including a Ph.D. level faculty member trained in informatics and a database developer.

Specific Aim 2: To implement and evaluate Internet2 collaboratories at Charles Drew University in order to enhance research productivity of CDU investigators; to identify the determinants of successful collaboratory implementation; and to estimate the impact of collaboratories on research productivity and scientific education within Minority Serving Institutions.

Specific Aim 3: To establish the CDU Urban Informatics Testbed as the analytical framework and implementation vehicle for the systematic evaluation and longitudinal assessment of the efficacy and effectiveness of health information technology interventions applied to the geographically defined, inner city population of the CDU Service Area.

Specific Aim 4: To expand and enhance the CDU medical geographic information system laboratory and to integrate the use of geographic information systems and spatial data analysis into the existing clinical, biomedical, and social science research infrastructure at CDU.

Informatics Research Core Faculty and Staff

Richard Baker, M.D.
RCMI Program Director and Informatics Research Core Leader

Douglas Bell, M.D., Ph.D.

Sheba George, Ph.D.

Ramarao Ilapakurthi
System Administrator

Richard Lindstrom, M.A.
Director, Office of Academic Computing

Paul Robinson, Ph.D.

Jack Wei
Software Engineer

Core Functions and Resources

  • Repository of methodological expertise, research resources, and technical infrastructure to provide consultation and services and support for use of IT related infrastructure (e.g., Internet2, Access Grid)
  • Research training, education, and skill development to increase the quantity and quality of user base (lecture series, access to research scientists and lectures/seminars through videoconferencing network)
  • Infrastructure and collaborative technologies (use of high bandwidth connectivity and electronic collaboration tools, evaluation of health information technology implementation, expansion of geographic information systems)
  • Identification and recruitment of informatics faculty and technical staff to develop targeted emerging research areas and reinforce priority areas of research