Biomedical Research Center

Biomedical Research Center

Administrative Core

  During the 2000-2005 funding cycle the BRC Administration Core provided the requisite oversight, leadership, monitoring and evaluation, and administrative support that enabled the Center to significantly exceed its programmatic productivity goals. The Administration Core provided the substrate and structure that enabled the Center to grow into a critical resource and highly effective vehicle for expanding research capacity and enhancing research productivity of CDU investigators, of Charles Drew University Research programs and of the Institution as a whole. The Core’s aims are aligned with the Center, institutional, and NCRR goals to accelerate health disparities research. In order for the University to continue to grow and reach its full capacity, it must assemble a critical mass of researchers; utilize infrastructure and cross disciplinary approaches to develop effective research and intervention strategies, novel methods, and new knowledge; leverage institutional partnerships to promote research growth and facilitate the translation of research advances to improve clinical outcomes.

Specific Aims

The Administration Core is designed specifically to facilitate each of these four crucial areas of growth, through the following specific aims:

Specific Aim 1:Provide leadership, administrative and operational support to the BRC cores, and facilitate strategic planning.

Specific Aim 2: Provide centralized coordination for, and programmatic monitoring and evaluation of the BRC.

Specific Aim 3: Enhance human infrastructure development within RCMI and the University through a) recruitment and b) RCMI investigator development into independent scientists to achieve a critical mass of scientists at CDU.

Specific Aim 4: Implement strategies that actively support a) research translation; b) cross disciplinary collaboration; and c) optimization of existing institutional and community partnerships at CDU in order to accelerate scientific advances and promote research translation in vulnerable populations and underserved communities.

Administration Core Faculty and Staff

Richard S. Baker, M.D.
RCMI Program Director and Administration Core Leader

Tripathi Rajavashisth, Ph.D.
Associate Program Director

Risa Flynn
Director of Communications

Core Functions and Resources

The Administration Core provides:
  • Grant administration (fiscal; procurement; reporting; recruitment; compliance; etc.)
  • Coordination and support of collaboration
  • Faculty development (lectures, seminars, workshops; career development monitoring and facilitation; mentoring program coordination)
  • Monitoring, feedback, evaluation, strategic planning
  • Technical and administrative support (grant development; travel; meetings; etc.)
  • Communications and dissemination
  • Liaison to the University