Vivarium/Animal Research

Vivarium/Animal Research

Vivarium/Animal Research

Animal Research
The humane use of animals is of paramount importance both for the understanding of basic and clinical sciences and in developing treatment modalities for human and animal diseases. In view of this, the Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science has developed and continues to refine an institutional-wide integrated program for the care and use of laboratory animals. CDU acknowledges and accepts responsibility for care and use of animals involved in research activities and implements institutional and statutory guidelines to ensure compliance with all requirements during the pursuit of research in the Vivarium.

The Vivarium is located on the third floor of the Augustus F. Hawkins Building. The Vivarium incorporates 11,600 square feet dedicated to animal research. It is in close proximity to research laboratories and research administrative offices. The facility is equipped to accommodate mice and rats, transgenic and immune suppressed mice, hamsters, rabbits and guinea-pigs. It is also equipped with state of the art cage washer, micro isolators, anesthesia and euthanasia machines to ensure compliance with all statutory requirements.

The management of the Vivarium is structured to provide efficiency in program operations. A new veterinarian consultant, Dr. Couto, provides outstanding veterinary consultant services and proficient guidance in our animal care program. To achieve transparency and input from faculty and staff, a Vivarium user’s council/group convenes regular meetings to provide input to the animal care operations and issues of governance. The director, with over 20 years of research management, research governance and compliance management experience collaborates with the IACUC to ensure complete implementation of the strategic and operational plan for the animal care program. The ultimate strategic objective of the director is to manage and direct an effective operational animal care program in full compliance with the requirements of the regulatory agencies.

The Vivarium personnel are charged with the responsibility to provide effective animal husbandry services, veterinary care, pharmaceutical care and efficient maintenance of the facility to ensure compliance with all federal, state and local laws pertaining to the use of research animals.

The Vivarium received its accreditation from the American Association for Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Committee (AAALAC) in August 1993, and has maintained its accreditation since that time. The last accreditation site visit was conducted November 2004 and accreditation renewal was granted in March 2005.

The Vivarium complies and operates in accordance with the Animal Welfare Regulations, PHS policy on Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, and other applicable federal, state and local laws and institutional policies regarding the use and care of research animals.

The Vivarium animal care program is overseen and evaluated by The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). This Committee is a federally mandated committee and reports to the institutional official. The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee activities are consistent with the Animal Welfare Act and OLAW (OPRR) using standards set forth in the NIH “Guide For The Care and Use of Laboratory Animals” to evaluate the animal care and use program. All research and teaching activities involving the use of animals funded by government or private sources are reviewed by the IACUC. This includes research performed on all species of animals.

Vivarium Forms and Guidelines
Protocol and Consent Form Checklist
Animal Research Manual

Vivarium Contacts
Please address all inquiries to the Vivarium Director at 323-563-5986.

Vivarium Animal Care Technician: Stacie Moore
Vivarium Animal Care Taker: Charles Bennett