Graduate Programs in Urban Public Health

Graduate Programs in Urban Public Health


MPH Curriculum

The MPH degree at CDU is a 5 semesters, 42 minimum credit hours competency-based curriculum.  Students are admitted to the program in the Fall semester only under a fulltime cohort model. All MPH courses are 3 units/hours. Courses are delivered during the evening hours (6-9 pm) convenient for working adult students. The 42 hour curriculum is structured as follows:

  • MPH 502: Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health
  • MPH 511: Principles of Epidemiology
  • MPH 512: Principles of Biostatistics 
  • MPH 513: Program Planning and Evaluation
  • MPH 520: Public Health Biology 
  • MPH 521: Environmental Determinants of Health
  • MPH 522 Social and Behavioral Theories in Public Health
  • MPH 523 Health Policy and Management
  • MPH 524 Community Organization in Urban Settings
  • MPH 526: Health Education and Communication
  • MPH 527: Race, Culture and Public Health
  • MPH 581: Research Methods
  • MPH 590: Urban Public Health Practicum
  • MPH 595: Culminating Experience (CE)

                       (a) Capstone Project
                       (b) Thesis
                       (c) Grant Proposal