Post-Baccalaureate Program in Pre-Medicine

Post-Baccalaureate Program in Pre-Medicine



Certificate in Pre-Medicine Curriculum (24 credits)
The core curriculum represents a logical sequence of science courses necessary for application to medical and other schools of advanced health studies. Nevertheless, the certificate program is flexible and tailored to suit each student's specific goals and background.

Individuals taking all of the basic science courses will usually spend two academic years (four semesters) completing the program. For those taking fewer courses, less time may be required.

Post-Baccalaureate candidates may elect to take only the courses they require to achieve their goal; however, a Certificate of Completion will be awarded only to those students completing a minimum of 24 credits and achieving a cumulative G.P.A. of 3.2 or above.

Lower Division Courses
HLS 130ABL General Chemistry w/Lab 5,5
HLS 140ABL   General Chemistry w/Lab 5,5
HLS 210ABL General Chemistry w/Lab 4,5
PSY 141 General Psychology 3
SOC 141 Sociology 3
MTH 230 Calculus I 3
MTH 231 Calculus II 3
or UPH 502 Principles of Biostatistics 3
or MTH 150 Statistics for Research 3
PHY 250L General Physics I w/Lab 4
PHY 251L General Physics II w/Lab 4
Upper Division Courses
HLS 300L  Biochemistry w/Lab 4
HLS 302L Cell Biology w/Lab 3
HLS 310ABL Anatomy and Physiology w/Lab 4,4
HLS 320L General Microbiology w/Lab 4
HLS 401 or Pharmacology 3
HLS 402L Molecular Biology w/Lab 3
HLS 405L Immunology w/Lab 3
HLS 410 Human Genetics 3
HLS 444 Clinical Immunology and 
Hematology 3
HLS 450 Ethical Issues in Research 1
PSY 351 Human Development 3


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