Saturday Science Academy II


The Saturday Science Academy II (SSA) is the heart and lungs of the Charles Drew University Science Pipeline, breathing inspiration and pumping an “I can do it” belief into young children.  The SSA opens the doors to curiosity and develops the investigative mind that is crucial for successful scientists and health care professionals.  The SSA dispels the myth that the fields of science are either to boring, too hard, or inaccessible to African-American and Latino youth.
The SSA offers three 8-week sessions and one 4-week summer session per year.  Sessions highlight specific areas in the sciences – human physiology and anatomy, marine biology, and the physical sciences (physics, chemistry, and geology).  The first hour of each class is focused on mathematics assignments from the students’ home school in an effort to improve the student’s achievement in mathematics to either reach or exceed grade level performance.  Tutoring is also offered to all SSA students after class during each 9-week session for more practice and instruction.  A critical thinking skills class was also developed to assist students in mathematics and writing. Many students and parents will attest to how these special sessions have increased student knowledge.

Parents are a vital part of the SSA program. Bi-weekly workshops are held with the parents to discuss various educational topics to help parents learn how to assist their children in school and in life.  Parents are also required to volunteer at least 15 hours during the year.

A national educational model, the SSA is the life force of the pipeline which begins at preschool and extends through the university level. Additionally, many of the teachers and teachers’ assistants were former SSA students.  Many of the teachers return during their college breaks to teach in the program while continuing their own education. Enrolling children from the surrounding communities, the SSA plays a dynamic part in the process of creating future health care professionals who will ultimately serves those communities.  The program intervenes at a crucial period in a child’s development when the direction of life can either be positively or negatively impacted.  The Academy empowers youth by enlightening them.  It gives them some control over their environment by enhancing and stimulating their instincts and their desire to learn in a non-traditional supportive atmosphere.

Contact Information:
Saturday Science Academy II (Health Careers Enrichment Programs)
Director:  Lorraine Grey
Phone: (323) 563-5901
FAX: (323) 563-4932