RN to BSN Curriculum

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree completion program has a 36-credit required course of study in-residence (32 credits of Nursing courses and 4-credits of General Education Courses). The required course of study includes a capstone course that synthesizes baccalaureate student learning outcomes.

The required course of study fulfills only part of the 120-minimum-credit requirement for Bachelor of Science degree completion. Students could transfer up to 84 credits of previous, relevant course work. The curriculum is based on a three-semester duration and builds on previous knowledge foundation of biological, physical, social and nursing sciences in conjunction with liberal arts components to enhance the development of a well-rounded, caring, professional nurse. The RN-BSN completion Program, which is completed through full-time study (12 or more credits per semester). Each theoretical course is scheduled for 7.5 weekly hybrid sessions (live sessions alternating with online sessions), with two sessions per semester offered as one weekend per month executive style course delivery format. The combined nursing and required general education courses have been combined to enable students complete the program in as little as 3 Semesters (6 mini sessions) of full-time study based on the number of core requirements completed. Students may take less classes and extend their program according to their personal needs and ability, such as concurrent ADN students or registered nurses that prefer part-time study. All students must be licensed as a Registered Nurse to enroll in the NUR417 course: Public, Community, and Global Health Nursing due to the independent clinical component. The goal is student’s success in completing the program.

Click here for the full-time and part-time sample plans of study: RN-BSN Program 

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