Awards and Recognition

February 2018

PA Program highlighted on AAPA News Central. PAs Efforts to Help Homeless in LA Stymied by Outmoded Regulations. Click on this link for the full article:

PA LindsayDr Martins

October 2015

CDU PA Program Faculty, Professor Lindsay Kozicz wins PA OF THE YEAR, UC San Diego Health System.


May 2015

Dr. Artaza’s Work Wins Best Paper of the Year Award

Dr. Jorge N. Artaza, Associate Professor, Department of Health and Life Sciences, and Physician Assistant Program, College of Science and Health, has published a book chapter entitled “Vitamin D and Cardiac Differentiation,” which was included in Vitamin D Hormone,. Vitamins and Hormones, Vol 100, first edition, Feb 2016. Editor Gerald Litwack, from Elsevier, Academic Press, Oxford, UK. The other co-authors of the book chapter are Ms. Irene Kim (post–baccalaureate student in the Department of Health and Life Sciences) and Dr. Keith Norris from the Department of Medicine at UCLA. The PubMed citation and abstract are at  

At press time (of the May edition of the CDU News) we learned the Academic Senate bestowed Outstanding Professor Awards to Dr. Monica Ferrini, PhD and Dr. Shirley Evers Manly for outstanding contributions to CDU.

Jorge N. Artaza, MS, PhD